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  • I was kind of kidding about the parking, I'm a wicked healthy guy and I rarely go Sparrow or McLaren thank goodness! That is a good point about Sparrow being a local corporation that I had not considered before.
  • So driving home yesterday I noticed that it looks like a parking garage is being built behind the Cancer Center (west side of the site). I was under the impression that this was all going to be surface parking because I didn't remember any ramps on the renderings. Did I just miss this somewhere? I'm happy to see a mix of surface and covered parking here.
  • No, you remember correctly. The concepts never showed a garage.
  • I also noticed that from the freeway. I can't tell how big it will be, but it looked like maybe 3-4 floors tall.
  • Had to go look something up about McLaren and they mentioned the garage last month:

    Construction of a four-level parking deck at the new hospital is scheduled to be completed this fall. The structure will include 654 parking spots, as well as 10 electric vehicle charging stations. The first level will be open to the public, with the second level reserved for physicians and those in leadership positions. Staff will be able to park on the third and fourth levels.

    The parking ramp allows McLaren Greater Lansing to maximize surrounding real estate and allow for future development at the health care campus. The ramp also provides parking closer to the hospital, out-patient care center, and cancer center.

    About time that we hear of a developer say they want to maximize their real estate. More should think like this and quit wasting space on their land.
  • No doubt that a four floor parking ramp is far better than a surface lot 4x the area. Last I looked the garage was looking like it was near completion, the whole complex is looking to be nearly done on the exterior. I need to remind myself to slow down for a closer look now that things are coming together.
  • The garage went up very quickly. The brick on the Cancer Center looks done on the east and west sides, and it's mostly done on the north side. Forest Rd was supposed to be closed starting June 7th but as of today it still hasn't closed yet.
  • The Forest/Collins intersection is closed to traffic from all directions now. It had one lane remaining and had been possible to drive through until last week. I ran through there tonight to check it out (sorry no pics). There is still access to the University Club and the Henry Center/Hotel from the west on Forest Rd. The new curbs have been poured on both sides of Forest in front of the University Club. Pavement has been removed on Forest from east of the Henry Center to Collins, and on Collins a little north and south of the intersection. Looking forward to this being done not just quickly, but also done correctly.
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    Nonprofit proposes consolidating services at McLaren's Greenlawn site after new hospital is done
    LANSING – A Lansing nonprofit serving at-risk children and families has its eyes on parts of the soon-to-be vacant McLaren Greater Lansing campus.

    Child and Family Charities has proposed taking over five buildings on McLaren’s Greenlawn campus to consolidate its services that are currently spread across Lansing. If the plan advances, Child and Family Charities would move into the buildings once McLaren fully vacates the spaces in early 2022.

    “We just want to get everything together in one location,” Child and Family Charities CEO Julie Thomasma said.
    Child and Family Charities does not currently have a formal agreement with McLaren to purchase or use the property, Thomasma said. McLaren officials did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

    If the plan moves forward, Child and Family Charities would move its teen shelter to the McRee House, house families in the smaller residential properties, put a drop-in center in the educational center and consolidate other services for at-risk children and families in the administrative and professional buildings, according to the proposal.
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