New McLaren Greater Lansing MSU Hospital



  • It will look great coming into Lansing from the south!
    Did you go to school in Lansing? I think my interest in this sort of thing started in the 7th-grade life science class at Dwight Rich. We learned about the landscape of Lansing and the different zones of plant life, areas where remnants of earlier forests and prairies could be found, thank you for reminding me. I have also learned a lot about the Lansing landscape here thanks to you guys!
  • Just noticed they released a new rendering back in February. Aparently, they've finally designed the Medical Services Building (and Karmanos Cancer Center), which I guess is the attached building the foreground since they'd never really showed it in full:


    Not sure why the rendering shows the hospitals colors toned down so much; maybe it was just a kick mock-up to highlight the MSB. The actual colors in real-life thus far are more strinking than the rendering, which is not often the case.
  • The colors definitely don't match what's already there, you're probably right that it's just that the cancer wing is meant to be highlighted. This rendering from that site also looks like it's up to date and better shows the colors:

    I'm now hoping that the sewer work they're doing on Forest Rd turns into real work along the whole street, the stretch through MSU is horrible. Quite a few roads in that area could use some attention before the hospital opens up, it wouldn't hurt to add more sidewalks either.
  • Work on Forest is to be done between Stoneleigh on the west and Collins on the east. The Lansing city limits covers Forest to Harrison; beyond that it's East Lansing's problem. End of construction has been planned for September 1, but I'm not sure how much time they may or may not have lost because of corona. As for sidewalks, haven't heard anything about it. I think someone member of the Board of Zoning Appeals or the Planning Board brought it up early in the process, but I don't think anything ever came of it.
  • Yeah, I have asked several times about sidewalks, bike lanes and bus stops. The mayor sent a message that it could be considered but no plans have shown any of these features.

  • I'm really hoping that they don't ruin the bike lanes on Forest Rd. From what I remember seeing in the project, they aren't going to mess with them, but I won't feel safe until I see them back at the end of construction. I'm really looking forward to the finished trail extension from where Forest goes underneath 496/127 to Cavanaugh Rd through Beekman Center/Bear Lake area.
  • Given that the city adds bike lanes whenever they can as official city policy, there is no way they'd take them away.

    Looking at the public service department's map, it still has the trail you're talking about as being planned for this year. Seems the profile was updated at the end of April where they list the status of the poject as "Need Easement/Plan Complete." Makes me wonder who they still need an easement from, but it shouldn't be too hard to get given that it goes through mostly (entirely?) publicly-owned lands.
  • I heard back from Lansing about the Bear lake trail. "Re. the multi-use trail, my coworker, Mitch Whisler, is implementing that project, which is supposed to be constructed in 2021, but that schedule may be affected by available funding." This has been delayed multiple years so more waiting my be needed.

  • If I remember correctly they started on the trail late last year. It's been mostly cleared. The easement may be the part near Cavanaugh south of where it goes behind Lansing Hospice. I remember being able to walk from Hospice over to Forest Rd., which was nice.
  • Thanks for the updates. Yeah, planning work has already been done. I expect to see prep work taking place this summer at least.
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