New McLaren Greater Lansing MSU Hospital



  • Jared you are correct.

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    Yeah, I think we're looking a bit southeast, here. The hospital stretches out the long way from west-to-east perpendicular to the freeway. It looks like we're looking southeast from the club parking lot entrance/exit closest to the freeway? Is that Alliance Drive visible going around the hospital or a new road?

  • If I remember correctly that's a new road. I'm pretty sure that Alliance Drive is a little further east.

  • Found this picture on their website from a few days ago:

    Looks like the University Club parking lot entrance is pretty well lined up with this new street.

  • I drove by to check out the roads today. The new road is slightly east of the easternmost University Club parking lot entrance. Alliance Drive has been totally taken out. At this point, it's not looking like it will be replaced exactly where it previously was.

  • I noticed on this depiction that there is a separate building to house a cancer center. I had not seen that before. This is a great site for sidewalk supervising! It is so large but sit out in a field which makes it easy to get a good look at the progress. How ever the streets are aliened I hope they plan to pave the existing streets soon. If you are out that way check out the housing project at Dunckel Rd. it is really coming along and is quite impressive.

  • Drove by here today and saw how tall this is getting! Nine floors at this point if I counted correctly as I drove by.
  • @cliffordzang Yup, it's up to 9 floors and that's as tall as it's going to get. The rendering only shows the 9 floor height going back about 3/4 the way from Collins so they're really close to being fully topped out.
  • I heard on local news that they are planning a topping off ceremony today! As they are putting the last steel beam in place. The building really stands high above the tree line and is in view right when you turn off of Harrison. The structure is quite impressive already!

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