New McLaren Greater Lansing MSU Hospital



  • The LSJ had an article on Mclaren's move to their new hospital and the effects on the areas surrounding the buildings being vacated. One notable bit was that they mentioned that the state may be considering a behavioral health center at the Greenlawn Campus with no mention as to what the scope of such a project might be or which building(s) might be used. With all the focus back on mental health lately I wonder if the state is intending to become much more involved in treatment again? Or maybe this will just be a relatively small regional office of some sort? Either way it's positive to see more of the campus being considered for reuse already.
    Meanwhile, McLaren is working with state appropriations to establish a behavioral health center at the Greenlawn campus, though that process is still in its early stages.

    "That's something that would be huge for the community," Ray said. "It'd be a big win for repurposing that particular campus, especially given the location."
  • The Medical Services Building (MSB2) is now under construction. From last week on the GG twitter account:

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