Michigan School for the Blind redevelopment



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    Well, a blast from the past.

    Only two houses have been under construction concerning this project. They are being built by Metro Development Corporation of DeWitt, and are located directly south of the School for the Blind property on Maple Street near Pine. I actually really like them. They are built to blend in with the historic housing of the area.

    Sorry about the quality. I snapped them with my cell phone as I wasn't even expecting to be in the area.



    You'd think they'd have some kind of website for this project, but I can't find any more info or site plans or anything. Perhaps, I'll write the planning department to see what I can dig up.
  • I like the green one, but both of them are nice. It looks like they put some thought and effort into the design of them.
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    It seems that they are still moving steadily along on this:

    Lansing Housing Commission Tackling 38-Acre Renovation

    The Lansing Housing Commission is slowly but surely chipping away at a renovation on the 38-acre former School for the Blind property.

    The property, which is just west of Lansing's Old Town neighborhood, includes several buildings that will be renovated one by one. The Housing Commission wants to turn the old administration building into senior housing, a project that would cost $11 million. Plans to convert the old high school into lofts are also on the drawing board.

    “When all of this materializes, this could be quite a shot in the arm for the neighborhood,” says Chris Stuchell, executive director of the Lansing Housing Commission.

  • Got some better photos of the two houses I posted above. There was also an LSJ article yesterday concerning the project; I'll try and find it.


  • I really like those houses, I can't wait to see the overall plans for this project.
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    Yeah, I love them. They are old-styled, but thoroughly modern. I wonder how much they are running for? It looks like after they were built (according to the property look-up website), the Lansing Housing Commission who developed them sold them to Franklin Street Housing. I hear that name often when it comes to affordable housing around the core, but I'm not quite sure who they are and exactly what they do.
  • I found their website: Franklin Street Community Housing Corporation

    Theres hardly anything on it, so it's no much help.
  • It must be a new site. At least I know that they are a non-profit. I wonder, though, how fiercly they compete with the other non-profit redevelopment organization, the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition? It can't be too much of a competition, because the GLHC renovates a load more homes than they do, it seems.
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    Here's a news story from the City Pulse about the area: A vision for the 'blind'

    They talk about a report put together by 6 MSU students who say that it should be a home for the "creative" class and not low-income housing, among other things.
  • I hear a lot about "visions," but we haven't seen any siteplans, or specifics on this project. It sounds like this thing may take while to go anywhere.
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