Michigan School for the Blind redevelopment



  • Here's a link to the story, http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/news/local/2017/05/01/school-blind-project-date-set/101023694/

    The article says construction will start July 3rd.

    Construction of its first phase, a $12.5 million development called Walnut Park Apartments with 72 mixed-income, multi-family units, is expected to last 12 to 14 months. Starting in July, crews are expected to tear down the auditorium and conduct environmental testing before the four-story, 106,500-square-foot complex is built.

  • We've had the general outline of the look of the building for awhile, but TWG put out a rough rendering from the ground:

    Very plain, but at least it doesn't appear to be some wood or EIFS-faced project (~cough~ Midtown ~cough~ Marketplace ~cough).

  • I find that computer generated depictions often do not look very good. This looks kind of dated and basic. I do like that it is not phony looking and I would like to see a depiction that better shows the more contemporary details that are there if you look closely. I think the park like setting calls for subtle facade materials like this brick. The colorful treatments have grown on me a bit, they look good from far away!

  • Cleanup has started at the auditorium site, which will be finished this month. Next month they'll begin construction on the new building. Renovation of the Abigail administration building and the old high school building is scheduled for January.

  • It's great to see this actually happening, that neighborhood is in desperate need of something positive. I hope that someone can manage to build some retail on the remaining property.

  • TWG has updated their rendering, and it looks much better than what's rendered above:

    They have it scheduled for completion by September of next year.

  • This looks pretty good, a nice urban look.

  • Yeah, looks to be better materials than some of Gillespie's developments. I still wish we could come up with something better than a large surface parking lot in front. There's barely any trees in the middle of the parking lot, and nothing really to collect storm-water runoff. But this is better than what we've seen elsewhere.

  • Good point, green parking lots and more trees are always better. I do like how it does not look like "senior housing".

  • Actual demolition has started on the auditorium for Walnut Park.

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