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  • I checked out TWG's website -- http://twgdev.com/properties/ -- very impressed with their work! (kind of made me want to swing through Indianapolis sometime). Lots of senior housing, many in rehabbed pre-war buildings. Their new construction buildings looked good too - with an urban sensibility.

    I'm pretty excited about this project. Hopefully they can pull it off, it does seem to be the right team and time.
  • @MJ I'm always glad to see an out of town developer come into the area, especially when they're taking on what I imagine is a challenging project. Hopefully they'll find some other properties here that interest them.

    @gbinlansing I'd be almost shocked if this project moves along like Skyview has. They didn't give dates in any of the articles which doesn't give a great deal of hope, but I do still think that this is a serious proposal and it could move quicker than I expect.
  • Posted by Michmatters earlier in the General Lansing Development thread: School for the Blind project could get finalized soon
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    The project, now called Walnut Park Apartments, won a major tax credit from MSHDA. Specifically, this is for the 72-unit new construction building on site. The Abigail in the existing buildings on site is a seperate part of the project which will contain the 60-units of senior apartments, and that will require a seperate tax credit that the developers plan to submit in April.

    They say that once they apply for that credit that they could start this summer.

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  • The City Pulse has another fairly detailed update about the project. The writer seems to struggle with himself, though, between being hopeful about the Abigail in particular and being cynical/skeptical.

    Walnut Park - the new construction - seems to be a done deal. The Abigail and the old High School, however, need both the low income housing tax credits and the historic tax credits to be economically viable, and those are in limbo. The developers are seeking to get them added to the National Register of Historic Places to help in this.

    Quite frankly, while I want to see them saved, if they have to go all new construction to make this work, I wouldn't fall over in a rage. Hopefully everything works out. The new administration's policy toward money for historic renovations is what's making them nervous, so lord only knows how long it's going to take just to nail down a commitment.

  • I hope they do figure out a way to save the old buildings. The Abigail building will need help to brake the "hunted old institution look". It's kind of creepy right now. IMO! I wonder if all this housing is built there it will extend Old Town type of redevelopment of the existing housing and commercial buildings. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Lansing, it could see brick sidewalks and gaslights, and of course repaved streets. I think that if the current "leader" remains in DC, we will have to do these types of projects ourselves. If the millage [sp?] for streets and sidewalks passes it would be an indication that people are willing to do it ourselves.

  • Story about this project in the LSJ looks like it is going to start soon.

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