The Abbot & The Graduate (Park District)



  • That is interesting news, now I will another option for lunch, there are so many in downtown EL which is fun. Another chicken wings place is opening on Grand River called Detroit Wings. It looks like we will have the chicken wings market covered. Out on the Cape in the '90's I worked at a place owned by a family from Buffalo NY who were the first to serve Buffalo Wings out there in P-town. They were a big hit and I learned how to make them myself, so I have even tried any of these wings in EL! There was also news today about the Trader's Joe's construction beginning down across from Whole Foods, all so fancy over here!
  • The steel workers "topped" the credit union building with a flag and pine tree, and the exterior construction phase has begun. I am happy that it will be a first-class building, but from the north the building looks like it was split in half because of the huge dark wall. I wonder why they did not include some windows on that side of the building. I can see that is where the elevators and utilities will be, but I could see windows in the stairwells, they would have had a great view, just my thoughts on this project.
  • The red brick façade on the credit union building is going up quickly, and it looks good and a nice contrast to the dark charcoal bricks of the northside "monolith" wall. I also like the curve that bends down the west side, there could have been just more box shapes it was nice they put the curve in the design.
  • There is an artical in the about the redevelopment of Valley Court Park. I like the plan and I would enjoy having a pavilion for the farmers market, it can get really hot out there.
  • Crews have been installing the window walls on the credit union building, they look really nice, and the building is looking like a proper downtown office building.
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