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Post random pictures and photo-tours here.


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    Check out these great downtown night shots from Bean Squared on Flickr.




    Check out more here
  • I really like that first picture. That's the Catholic diocese building, isn't it?
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    It's the Michigan Catholic Conference building. It's a catholic services organization, and isn't directly associated with the diocese. The provide insurance and retirement services to catholic employees around the state, and act as a the official public policy voice for the Catholic church in Michigan. I'm a former employee as it happens.
  • Yeah, the local diocese building is actually within the St. Mary's Cathedral Church complex just north of the Capitol Building. And, of course, the archdiocese is in Detroit.
  • I just saw that shot, and have been asking the guy where he took the photo from. I might try and get that shot, myself, now that I know it's accessible.
  • I love that picture, both for the skyline and the grffiti in the foreground, it makes for a great contrast.
  • Just testing out my new camera. It's too bad it was on such a depressingly cloudy day:

  • nice shot, it looks like you pasted two photos together, on the right side by the Lugnut chimney, but i could only notice that due to the different shade of sky. I like it though.
  • Yes, it's a pan, and far better than what my old camera could do. It's actually three photos.
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