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  • I wish the city would act like they care about the river trail, especially since they tout it so much. I haven't walked the river trail in a couple years, I wish I could get myself to use it more often. It really is a great asset for Lansing.
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    I actually have to give the city, in recent years, an A for effort. I bike it pretty regularly (and unlike a lot of people actually use it as an alternative means of transportation, sometimes to get to and from downtown), and I recently noticed they finally posted signs (decorative ones, too) that warn that the trail may flood and to use the detours when it does. I'd be begging them to do this for years. lol They've also done very well with all of the new expansions, and I really like the decorative benches and trash cans along the central part of the trail. They've also did extensive replacement of the boardwalk through the area.

    Virg knows the quality of life boost the trail gives the city, and he's been much more proactive than the previous administration.
  • You said they replaced some of the boardwalk? The shape of the boardwalks has always dissapointed me. Even the boardwalk next to the Lansing Center was getting pretty bad last time I saw it. Some have holes and loose boards among other problems.
  • When I used to live in the Lansing area (prior to mid-2006) I rode my bike on the River Trail route from Old Town to MSU regularly during the summer months. I found it to be in excellent condition and used by many bikers and pedestrians. They even had volunteers riding the route in a golf cart to assist people and monitor the trail. Lansing does (did) a great job with the existing Trail. I would really like to see them expanded the trail and work on creating secondary bike/pedestrian trails that provide a connection from area parks/neighborhoods to the River Trail. Also, the City does need to work on promoting the trail and events near the trail via a well developed website. Currently what can be found by searching on Google does little to show how much of a gem the River Trail is to the City and surrounding area.
  • I found this on the Parks Department's Capital Improvement Projects website for Fiscal Year (FY) 2008. (http://www.lansingmi.gov/parks/capital_improvement_projects.jsp)

    River Trail Repair and Maintenance - $128,000: These funds provide for ongoing maintenance of the Lansing River Trail. Examples include both asphalt and boardwalk repairs, especially the boardwalk section downtown and at the General Motors plant. We will focus this year on boardwalk repairs at Trager Park.
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    Okay, apparently I found an answer to my question about the River Trail extension from the other day. Ingham County Parks Department has information on the “Capital Connector Trail” which deals with multiple jurisdictions within Ingham County. According to their website…

    “The 23 mile long Capital Connector Trail has been established as a high priority of the Ingham County Parks & Recreation Commission. The trail will connect several major capital area parks including Ingham County’s Lake Lansing Park, Hawk Island Park, Burchfield Park, Potter Park and Zoological Gardens, and the Hope Soccer Complex. It would also pass through the City of Lansing’s Scott Woods Parks, Meridian Township’s Central Park and Nancy Moore Park, and Delhi Township’s Valhalla Park. It is anticipated that The Capital Connector Trail would serve as a spine for further trail development throughout the county and region. Ingham County’s master plan calls for a more extensive system to eventually be established to the east along the Red Cedar River to Webberville and south to Leslie.”

    The website address is: http://ingham.org/pk/Trails/heartmain.htm
  • I think right now the city has had more to worry about than a tree blocking the trail. Down here by Aurelius/Mount Hope/Forest Rd area there are still many trees on people's houses, a couple with wires still down. Mount Hope Cemetery is still a mess as well. Many trees and limbs still down. These storms hit harder than many people realize. One neighbor I talked to that has been in my area for over 30 years said that she has never seen this much damage from a storm.
  • Hood, yes, they've replaced quite a bit of boardwalk. There is new boarwalk just between the Riverfront Park pedestrian bridge and the Saginaw Street Bridge. There is also new boardwalk through much of Old Town where the boardwalk ends.
  • That's great to hear, I remember the part through Old Town being particularly bad. They should really use that plastic decking, it's (almost) no maitnence and can handle being submerged.
  • Grand Avenue Reconstruction and CSO Work:

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