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  • Ha, I said the same thing about the AC unit on my Flickr page. I hate seeing beautiful historic buildings with tacky AC units in the worst places.

    @ Jared, here is a better picture of this face. Hopefully you won't have any nightmares about it :)
  • Brenke Fish Ladder at North Lansing Damn


    Old North Grand River Avenue Bridge


    Back Skyline

  • Very cool, I had never seen the fish ladder before.
  • Out-of-towners always seem to be surprised to find the structure and dam set in a nice little park on both sides of the river. It's definitely the landmark of Old Town.

    Riverfront Park


    Under the Bridge (Shiawassee Street Bridge), the homeless have set up shop, here, on the rocks.


    Riverfront Plaza

  • The former Oldsmobile Headquarters Building. It looks like they are really going to work on the top floor as you can see through the dark glass. Man, I really wish they'd have tried to sell it and market it rather than tear it down. It's best one of the best and only high-rise modernist/internationalist styled buildings in the metro area. I could really imagine an entire new mini-neighborhood on the parking.

  • You're discription of me being an out-of-towner is right, but it's strange to hear that label applied to me. I feel I know Lansing alittle better then some tourist who comes to see the capital building, or maybe visit the zoo. I admit there is a lot of the river I've not seen. I've only walked along it in the downtown area and a stretch near the edge of REO Town. I've only been to old town a few times when it was actually day out, but I've been meaning to walk around the area one of these days. I guess I know one sight to see there.

    What's worse is I've lived in GR for almost two years and only saw the fish ladder here for the first time last month, and it's worse knowing that I can see my office building from the fish ladder. :)
  • The rivertrail is definately worth checking out more. It's a great walk not matter which part of it your talking about, but the leg that travels east from downtown, by Potter Park and to MSU is the nicest, you should check it out if you get a chance.
  • Eridony, not that it really matters either way, but I wasn't talking about you with that comment. I was talking specifically about people I know from out of town.
  • It's one week later, and the tree blocking the River Trail at Moores Park is still down. It was really kind of odd as every road in the area that was blocked are now open. I guess the trail isn't a priority.


    Directly across the river is the Eckert Station

  • I ran that portion of the river trail today. It is actually much worse just north of there near where the red cedar and the grand meet. While I share in the frustration, I know the city workers have been working long and hard for over a week now.
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