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  • My dad spent 25 years teaching in the English Dept. at Morrill Hall. I attended classes there. Abrams Planetarium was a hangout for this 70's kid, as was Spartan Village and Cherry Lane.

    This small college town is going corporate and in a hurry. I only hope, in its rush to develop every last square inch of land, that East Lansing avoids the desolate and plastic look of Chandler Rd./Northern Tier.
  • Abrams must have been a hangout for the laser light shows that I wish they would bring back.
  • The Duffy Daugherty expansion is moving along pretty quick. There was steel up for the expansion when I went by there on Thursday.

    Here is a picture of what it should look like finished:
  • I had forgotten about the football building being expanded.
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    Here is a picture of the Wharton Center expansion:

    The expansion is the glass enclosure in the front of the building.
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    MSU is planning another development. This time it is an indoor gun/archery range. The range will be one of the best shooting sports facilities in North America and one of the largest indoor facilities in the Midwest. This may draw some more tourism. The bad part, the location: Jolly and College Rd. The cost: $3.5 million.

    Here is a couple pictures:

    Image 1

    Image 2

    More information can be found at the Shooting Sports, Education & Training Center website.

    Edit: Changed images to links because their dimensions are huge.
  • I'd noticed that they had been working in that area recently. I think that they were maybe putting in sewers, if I remember right. Sounds like a good thing to me!
  • That is one terrible design.
  • The MSU Board of Trustees has approved a $13.3 million dollar recycling center and surplus store. Expected completion is July 2009. It would be located on 9 acres along Farm Lane.
  • I saw that too. I wonder if it's the land across the street from the commuter lot. There wasn't any additional info about the location in the article I read.
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