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  • From the description I was thinking that it will be somewhat near the Power Plant, across Farm Lane from Baker Woodlot.
  • Even though they cut through that with a few roads, I thought that stretch was also a protected woodlot (it had a name, though I don't remember what it is). That's why I was thinking it would be past the railroad tracks. Don't know though.
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    It's really kind of sad that we were the last in the Big Ten to have a comprehensive, on-site university recycling center, but better late than never. I guess it only makes since when you realize how meagerly state government funds our state schools compared to how generously surrounding states fund their state schools.
  • Here are a couple more pictures of the Duffy Daugherty expansion, named the Skandalaris Football Center.



  • Speaking about last in the Big Ten, it'd be nice to see the pool inside IM West replaced. I don't know why this came to mind on such a cold day. It's way behind most of the other schools. EMU has a much nicer pool, as well as a lot of high schools. It seems like a shame to me.
  • New news on the "New Life for Old College Field" project. The State News is saying that there's enough money to build the new soccer field, which they want to complete over this coming summer. They also have enough money for a batting practice area for the baseball team, but they're WAY short (have only $2.1 mil.) of the $8 mil. needed for the new baseball stadium. They're trying to raise the money through the Ralph Young Fund, but this project has been around for quite a while, so you've gotta wonder if they'll ever get the requisite amount needed to start this baby up.
  • They really need to move the baseball and softball fields away from the floodplains along the river.
  • There was a story in todays LSJ about the possibility of a new particle accelerator at MSU. This would be a huge project, and MSU has a good chance at landing it. If MSU wins, isotope project could add jobs, impact region
  • I saw that too. I have already e-mailed Sen. Stabenow, Sen. Levin, Speaker of the Michigan House and majority leader of the MI senate and a couple state and U.S. reps from MI encouraging them to get behind this and pull whatever political strings they can to make sure this happens. This decision will definitely be a political decision to some degree, so I encourage everyone on this site to contact the same politicians. MSU is legitimately a front runner for this so we need to make sure it happens. This would be a major addition to MSU as well as mid-michigan--jobs, construction jobs, prestige for MSU, etc. etc.
  • I should also mention that the origional cost for this was supposed to be $5-$6 billion. That seems like a more realistic cost for this kind of project, unless it's a completly different project.
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