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  • As far as the extended stay hotels, I have family who travel a lot as consultants and often utilized extended stay hotels if it was short term enough that a corporate apartment didn't make sense but it was longer than a typical hotel. It's definitely still more costly than an apartment, so I wouldn't say the initial intention is a work around for apartments of some sort. They're not really even laid out or suitable for apartments.

    So, I guess I'd be surprised to see these hotels quickly turn into some low level apartments. That's just been my experience though. Never were they low income or people had was more for corporate folks.
  • Right, as noted whenever the FRIB was discussed, it was going to increase the already high demand of extended-stay/all-suites accomodations for visiting scholars, professors, etc...relatively close to the university. We are seeing the natural progression of that. Because of the university, Lansing makes a particularly good market for these kinds of hotels.
  • It is great that we need more hotel rooms in Greater Lansing, I guess I just think what those views must be like for new visitors, I might think "what kind of a place it this?". I do understand the economics of the site, the growing market for extended stay rooms and that a lot of people never look out the window! I hope the new one looks nicer than the most recently built Holiday Inn? down the hill from the new site. One thing that may help the area is taking better care of the dust from the industrial sites, when I take the new Coleman Road to get over to Old Town [it is a nice well paved back way from EL], I see this little street sweeper making a dust storm and not clearing very much. Maybe they could spray some water/wash the streets, they look dirty.
  • LSJ reported that a judge halted the annexation vote from getting on the ballot. There's still a chance for it to get on if a legislative review approves it.
  • Not entirely unexpected, someone from the county was quoted saying they were going to attempt an expedited appeal. We'll see, I guess.
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    The legal argument the judge gave was absolutely ridiculous, essentially reading the law that only a township surrounded by ONE city can have parts annexed under that particular provision of the law, which is a specious reading of that provision of the law.

    I do hope they are able to quickly resolve this before the end of the day on the 7th.
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    Keep an eye out for this to come back up. A little birdie has told me that this is far from over.
  • I noticed some activity at the long empty car lot on the south side of Michigan Ave. and Howard, crews were cutting down all the scrub trees and bushes that had grown over the years, and I could be wrong, but I think the rest of the little old houses had been boarded up. I am hoping that means something is going to go in there, also hoping it is not the self-storage place that was discussed here before. I think that I remember there was talk of a hotel and bus terminal for the Michigan Flyer/Indian Trails Bus Company. That would be so much better than a storage facility.
  • I noticed the same thing and am also curious if anything is going to happen soon. I only vaguely remember hearing about the storage facility, I hope it's not for that.
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    Lansing Twp property website shows it having been sold to a shell co. in December, which if I can recall I said belonged to Dymaxion. Unfortunately, they don't maintain permit records and projects on the BS&A website like Lansing does.
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