General Lansing Township Development



  • It's interesting that it's those guys involved in the property. Things there certainly look like something is going on but it could just as well be site clearing and nothing more.
  • Noticed in a look through some old planning commission meetings from May that a developer is turning the old office buildings in Grand River Park where Main Street turns into Lansing Road into an apartment building and the other will be rented out to the MSU crew team. Grand River Park is in Lansing and borders the property on three sides, but the actual office property is right across the border in Lansing Township.

  • Planning Commission for tomorrow has a planned development review for the Howard & Michigan development. As usual though, we don't know what this is because the township does not post agenda packets online.
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    Just noticed on the Aug 15 planning commission agenda, too, that there is plans for a Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant in between McAllisters and the Huntington Bank up on the mostly otherwise vacant hill at Eastwood. They call themselves a "upscale casual" establishment.

    BTW, looks like Ingham County is going to start seeking payment for property look ups on BS&A, and I'm definitely not paying for that ($6 a search for public users), so that's going to cut off one lane of looking up what's going on on a lot in the township. lol
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