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  • It's interesting that it's those guys involved in the property. Things there certainly look like something is going on but it could just as well be site clearing and nothing more.
  • Noticed in a look through some old planning commission meetings from May that a developer is turning the old office buildings in Grand River Park where Main Street turns into Lansing Road into an apartment building and the other will be rented out to the MSU crew team. Grand River Park is in Lansing and borders the property on three sides, but the actual office property is right across the border in Lansing Township.

  • Planning Commission for tomorrow has a planned development review for the Howard & Michigan development. As usual though, we don't know what this is because the township does not post agenda packets online.
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    Just noticed on the Aug 15 planning commission agenda, too, that there is plans for a Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant in between McAllisters and the Huntington Bank up on the mostly otherwise vacant hill at Eastwood. They call themselves a "upscale casual" establishment.

    BTW, looks like Ingham County is going to start seeking payment for property look ups on BS&A, and I'm definitely not paying for that ($6 a search for public users), so that's going to cut off one lane of looking up what's going on on a lot in the township. lol
  • A couple items of note in Eastwood:
    A new restaurant with a wine tasting room and retail shop will build a 10k sq ft building at Wood & Lake Lansing:

    A subscriber-only lsj story on how Lansing Twp has granted a site plan extension for the 22k sq ft Dave & Busters that's supposed to built near Fairfield Inn, a representative for the developer issued a statement saying the delays are beyond their control and that they are still committed to the project:
  • Yep, posted about Cooper's Hawk just above. They've already started site-prep if that clearing is what I saw recently. It's just east of McCallisters.
  • It will be great to see the hilltop there fully developed. I was out that way and noticed the construction of a Panda Express and the east side if Eastwood right next to the highway. I am sure there of a lot of people who love Panda Express, but does Lansing need another? That is why I am happy to hear about a more unique and interesting restaurant is being planned for the west side of the Eastwood area.
  • There's another showing of the 108 Howard LLC project in the October 18th planning commission agenda, I'm growing more curious as to what this is exactly.

    The August 16th minutes do offer a few insights though: While it offers no direct details, the list of questions/requirements brought to the developers attention do suggest: that there will be residential and commercial across multiple buildings, the developer wants on-street parking on Detroit St, some apartments will have balconies, there will be an off-site dog park and there was a point about ensuring that maximum heights conform with height regulations (which would seem to imply that this may be more than just some 3 floor suburban-style project or that plans were overly vague).
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    It's in an overlay district that requires it to be urban in design. Remember, they'd proposed something substantial here a few years back, though the weird inclusion of a self-storage business as one of the uses on the site seemed to have (fortunately) doomed that project.
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    Because they have such sparse agendas (no packets) & minutes, there is not a lot of detail in the last planning commission about Howard & Michigan, but what I'm noticing from the minutes is that they are again micro-managing the development. According to the minutes, they tabled the discussion of this until the developer addressed things like a sidewalk expansion, 'unapproved' on-street parking, irrigation of lawns, revised parking plan, revised site plan to show bike parking, etc...there are literally 27 conditions they list before they'll take it back up, again. Maybe Dymaxion's plan was a bit undercooked, but this seemed like an excessive amount of conditions and just unprofessional on the township's part instread of just doing this within their planning office. I noticed on another site plan in that meeting that they DID approve, they approved it with 14 conditions.
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