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These pictures are of the Riverwalk Apartments located on Clippert by the Red Cedar Golf Course. They should be completed and ready to move in by Fall.



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  • You can now see these really well from 127, as they rise over the freeway.
  • I really hope they continue to redevelop this area. This area is sort of an eyesore and having nicer and/or larger buildings viewable from the freeway (not only here but all around Lansing) can really help to improve our image to people passing through.
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    Lansing Township is largely built out, and with a shrinking population. They have no choice but to densify if they want to turn around that loss.

    To tell you the truth, I think Lansing Township should give up the three non-contiguous tracks along US-127 and 496 to either Lansing or East Lansing to develop properly. Particularly the track that includes half the Urbandale neighborhood south of Michigan/Kalamazoo adjacent to US-127. I mean, because they don't put in sidewalks it really makes that part of the neighborhood look rural.
  • hood, There are plans to continue to develop this area, as I believe it's either DTN or another major property management company that has bought up all the other homes on these blocks for redevelopment. I believe they've also passed the necessary zoning requirements and would expect to start to hear more noise about projects in this section towards Spring 2008.
  • That is great. I really hope they they consider putting in some ground floor retail further to north and/or along the freeway.
  • I guess there is a terrible over extension of utilities near Eastwood, where the limit on sewers has stopped further expansion north. Here is a midday update from the LSJ about it: Sewer issue stalls Eastwood area expansion plan

    I usually like to applaud development, but I am tired of the futher sprawling north that is going on in that area. I know there are plans for a Home Depot or similar retail establishment, and a couple others, and I can foresee population to follow these further north.
  • I think the plan for the Lowes fell through. There are plans for a J C Penny, I think it may actually already be getting site prep work done. The Eastwood Master Plan is massive, and it calls for reltively little surface parking and quite a bit of multi-family housing.
  • I'm actually glad to see the city do this. It's time to work with what we've got, and Eastwood currently has more than enough land to be developed. Cities, having had their powers greatly reduced by the creation of charter townships, used to use their public utilities as their leverage a lot more than they do now to control sprawl, so this is nothing.
  • I also heard that about JC Penney possibly moving in there. And I agree that they have expanded north far enough. We don't need the sprawl that Grand Rapids currently has.
  • The last that I heard the J C Penny for Eastwood was a sure thing, I beleive thats what is under construction now. Secondly, this is not going to stop Eastwood from further development, it is a small hiccup. Better in Lansing Township than I-96 & Saginaw.
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