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  • I am incorrect on the size. New construction is 117,000 square feet, plus the 40,000 Shaw Power Plant addition. So approx. 160,000 square feet.

  • LSJ has a nice rendering of the proposed STEM facility:

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    BTW, the IST Building down on Service Drive is coming along fairly quickly. Most of the exterior work is left done, but since it's a laboratory building most of the work will take place inside and won't be done until August of next year at the earliest.

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  • Very cool! I really like the glass & brick design MSU has been pushing lately. Also, the fact that they incorporated the old Shaw power plant is awesome.

  • I'm really happy to see them reusing the Shaw power plant and the additions look nice. It's been crazy to see them go from announcing it saying the designs aren't finalized to starting construction in weeks.

  • The STEM building looks great, but I can't understand why they chose that site... virtually all of the science, technology, and engineering buildings are well to the East of there...

  • The specs on this building do not call for classrooms, therefore its location close to other buildings is not as important a need. As far as I have heard and read some biomedical and plant science-related global impact initiative hires will have space here and it is a short walk to other associated buildings.

  • @ratchetwrench, as I understand it, the STEM building is actually part of the College of Education so it's not that far from their main buliding (at the corner of Shaw and Farm Lane, opposite side of the International Center).

  • It's also not really that far from the Engineering building. It's practically across the street.

  • Jared - Thanks, I didn't know that. Still, since there is a big push to integrate research and active learning into STEM curriculums, I would have thought "they" would've wanted to be closer to the research buildings as well.

    mindbender - it is cater-corner from the far northwestern end of the engineering complex, across a large and fairly busy intersection. IMO, still not very convenient!

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