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  • I really want to believe that they'll either find a use for the Dyslexia Institutes house or they'll move it. I can't imagine a sane person tearing it down.
  • The LSJ is reporting the project will cost $3 million than originally envisioned. They also can't seem to decide whether the apartment building will be four or five stories. lol
  • I took some pictures of the demolition last week on Wednesday night. It was dark out, but hopefully you can still see the progress as well as the amount of construction equipment on site.
  • The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau posted a link to a page with several new renderings of the apartment building and ballpark renovations: Stadium renovation and development
  • The Gillespie Group nailed down the last piece of financing from the state. Construction has been going on full steam ahead, anyway, but this is the last piece of the puzzle.



  • I was under the impression that the apartment building was going to be built after next season. Is that not the case?
  • I mean, I guess it depends on what the definition of construction is. From what I've seen on the site, it looks like they are at least constructing the foundation for the apartments at the moment.
  • It would certainly make sense to to build the apartment building in conjunction with or after completion of the renovations. Everything I've heard so far says that the apartments will be ready by the Lugnuts opening day in 2016, but maybe they'll just be ready way before that day.
  • BTW, from the new renderings, it appears that the top floor apartments will have a loft level.
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    This is another good step towards revitalizing downtown. I think building up downtown Lansing has to be a regional effort because it is a regional jewel with endless possibilities. Riverfront, parks, shopping, definitely more hotels in future and more overall living options.
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