The East Village master plan and redevelopment thread

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East Village Development Project
Concept Design Workshop #2

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

MSU Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
Lobby Level, Centennial Rooms B&C
55 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI

I. Refreshments
II. East Village Phase One Update
III. Presentation by 5+ Design Architects
IV. Break-Out Sessions
V. Questions & Comments

RSVP to Traci Merkel at ( ) or 619-297-0400 by Friday, April 13.
Please contact Traci with questions.

We look forward to seeing you!


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    East Village design to include city, residents' input

    The State News

    And then there was one.

    When Pierce Company officials left East Lansing five weeks ago, they said they'd return after narrowing down five preliminary design concepts for the East Village project.

    The San Diego-based master developer plans to unveil one design concept based from the original five when they visit in 10 days, said Theresa Nakata, vice president of marketing and communications for The Pierce Company Inc.

    "We're moving forward, and we're excited," Nakata said.

    City officials want the East Village redevelopment to bring a mix of retail, residential and entertainment properties to the area bounded by Hagadorn Road, East Grand River Avenue, Bogue Street and the Red Cedar River.

    Nakata said at the end of February that the representatives planned to bring back at least two or three concepts, which would take into consideration feedback from East Lansing residents.

    ........................... (more in the article at the State News:

    Representatives from The Pierce Company Inc. will be sharing an updated design concept with East Lansing officials. The representatives are scheduled to speak at the following meetings, which are open to the public:

    • City Council meeting
    7:30 p.m., April 17, Union

    • ASMSU Student Assembly meeting
    6:30 p.m., April 19, 328 Student Services

    Source: The Pierce Company
  • I went to the design workshop today at the Kellogg Center and got to take a first hand look at how it is currently planned. They had a formboard display of the entire site, and it didn't look too bad. My only gripe was the lack of some form of pedestrian movement within the development (thinking along the lines of a simple trolley car), but I may be thinking the site is larger in my head than in real life.

    I should have some pictures of it up here soon.
  • From the developers' website. Surprised no one posted these:



  • I am very impressed with this. It looks like the residential buildings will be 6-7 floors, with retail masking the parking on ground level. It looks like a 8-9 floor hotel, and a very large winter garden which be pretty neat, I also really like the canal. And in todays LSJ article they seem to imply that the entire project would go up at once, or in consecutive phases, not the fragmented developments over time that I though was likely :East Village redevelopment plan refined.
  • I really like the idea of the cinema.
  • Yeah the hotel will be eight floors and most of the residential will be around 5 floors. These pictures were also given to us at the workshop to talk about different ideas. The retail that is masking the parking ramp would be masking it on all sides, so you would never see the parking ramp, only at it's entrances.

    One of the other ideas would be that the retail that is facing Bogue would instead be two floor tall brownstones with the residential above. This would ease the transition in to the University better.

    I am waiting to hear back from one of the photographers at the workshop to get copies of her photos of the foamboard.
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    I like that most of the parking was put below ground. Are their any stats on how many spaces, total, are in the development? Also, when would this project start?

    I'm jealous. :)
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    If I remember it is 4,780 spaces. The project is schedule to start construction in 2009
  • From their website:

    Location: The site is bounded by East Grand River Avenue (north), Hagadorn Road (east), Bogue Street (west) and the Red Cedar River (south). The site is contiguous to MSU on two sides (Bogue and Red Cedar River).
    Developer: The Pierce Company
    Cost: $500 million (estimated)
    Land Area: 35 acres
    Investment Banker: Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
    Tentative Development Program:
    410,000 square feet of retail space
    200,000 square feet of civic and/or university office space
    1,300 units of housing with approximately 2,500 beds, including rental housing for undergraduate and graduate students, and for-sale housing for faculty, staff, alumni and the workforce
    200-room Hotel with a 35,000 square foot conference center
    4,780 parking spaces
    12-acre riverfront park
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