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  • It was the underground parking that caught my eye, to be specific two floors of underground parking. I almost doubt that will really happen, to build two floors of underground parking is extremely expensive, the only other place in Lansing that has it, as far as I know is under the Capitol Complex.
  • Well, as expensive as it is, I know that parking in that block is extremely crazy. On Saturday I went over to my friends apartment there, and since it was a football game day, there were cars parked illegally in spots all over. If you take a look at a map of that area, that road being a dead end doesn't make the parking situation any better.
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    Well maybe given the ridiculous prices of student housing around their it's actually feasable...

    BTW I just found a rendering of the proposed Kresge Art Museum:
  • I went on a photo tour today, I will post the photos on the main page of in a bit.
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    I posted the photos now on the home page of the site. I am fighting with putting the images up in both places, and I also want to have updates to the home page.

    Also, to continue the conversation that was started a little earlier about a building proposed on the Delta Triangle with two floors of underground parking and three floors of residences: I took my camera down that street today, and took a picture of a building that is already on that block and looks almost exactly like what is proposed, to give you a good idea of what to expect. I am not sure if this has two floors of underground parking, but it does have at least one.

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    That actually looks pretty good, I'd say, at least for what it is.

    I am still REALLY impressed with the new MSU parking ramp, it has to be one of the best designed ramps around. With that hall rennovation, was that an old building or an addition thats down to it's skeleton?
  • More Kresge Art Museum expansion renderings. It's being designed by SHW Group of Berkley, MI (suburban Detroit) in conjunction with Hammel Green Abramson as the associate architects




  • I can't wait to see some of these MSU projects come to fruition. MSU has been lagging behind the other universities it seems, as far as new construction goes. Being the largest university in the state, they really deserve more.
  • I think MSU has just been waiting to finish it's capital campaign, but now that it has raised the more than it was targeting, I would suspect that these projects may start within the next two years. I am sure they still have a lot of planning to do. This past summer, there was much construction on campus with roadways and transportation changes, all getting ready for the summer of 2008 when they will be constructing the railroad underpasses. This coming summer, you can expect more transportation changes as the 20/20 Vision Plan continues to pick up steam.
  • A new Hookah place looks to be coming in to downtown East Lansing. It doesn't seem like a good business model, but what the heck. Here's the story from the State News:

    Hookah venue continues trend in downtown East Lansing


    The State News

    A new hookah lounge opening in downtown East Lansing in November will test whether the industry has enough steam to survive.

    The Blue Midnight Hookah Lounge, which is under construction at Subway's vacated Albert Avenue location, doesn't plan on getting a liquor license or selling main courses.

    However, the lounge might need additional offerings — like alcohol or food — to make a profit because of high rent and overhead costs, said Matt Rouhan, the store manager of Silver Streak and Krazy Katz, a retail store that sells hookahs and flavored tobacco.

    "Keep in mind — this is tobacco," Rouhan said. "It's a low-cost item."

    One such business that mixes food, alcohol and hookah is India Palace, which offers hookah but doesn't rely on it primarily for business, said owner Bobby Chaudhary.

    But 26-year-old Donald McGrath, Blue Midnight Hookah Lounge's co-owner, isn't worried about focusing mostly on hookahs.

    He hopes to mirror the success of similar businesses in Dearborn, Novi and Detroit.

    "There are hookah lounges opening around the country," the Lansing resident said.

    The Blue Midnight Hookah Lounge will sell about 30 different types of tobacco, ranging from the standard cherry and apple to the more unusual flavors, like Sex on the Beach or chocolate mint, McGrath said.

    Up to four people can split the $8 to $12 cost for about an hour's worth of hookah.

    "It's a different atmosphere from the typical bar scene," he said. "We're definitely aiming at the 18- to 20-year-old demographic."

    McGrath hopes to tap into the hookah crowd, which has dramatically grown in the last five years.

    When Rouhan first worked at Silver Streak and Krazy Katz from 1999 to 2002, he said hookahs were practically unheard of. Now, the store sells about five each day, which range between $38 and $200.

    "Lately, they've blown up and gotten huge," said Brian Efros, a manager of the business.

    The store constantly runs out of its 20 different tobacco flavors — which include cappuccino and apricot, said Efros, a telecommunication, information studies and media senior.
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