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  • Yeah, that building seems pretty tall for the small footprint that it has. It almost looks like a two story building that was stretched to make it three stories. I can't wait for the time when there is more dense development surround this building, as right now it is odd how it is just in the middle of nowhere when you drive down that stretch of Coolidge.
  • There were talks a while back about a chiropracter building an office on Saginaw just east of Abbott. The two buildings that were on site, a bank and an investment company, have now been leveled, and construction should start pretty soon on the building that was proposed. I don't have any renderings, but if I recall right, the building should be about 10,000 sq ft.
  • There was some sort of mixed use redevolopment proposed on abbot with some rowhouses and stuff I think, is this anywhere near that, or could it be the same thing?
  • No, I don't think this is what you are thinking about. This is on the south side of Saginaw, across from the MEA building. Do you remember any more of the project you are talking about?
  • I will have to dig through some of the city council meeting agendas, but I'm sure I can find it.
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    From the East Lansing city council meeting on December 19th:
    Approved a site plan; An application from Joseph Goodsir for the properties at 237,
    242 and 243 Louis Street to remove the existing multiple family structures and build a
    new 3-story apartment building containing 24 three-bedroom units with two floors of
    underground parking to accommodate 72 vehicles. The site is zoned RM-32 City
    Center Multiple Family Residential.
    Looks like this is going to move along. I was surprised by the two floors of parking. 72 cars is a lot of cars, that's three cars for each residence. I guess one car per bedroom. I just wish that they would extend Louis Street all the way to Grand River like it used to be.
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    From the East Lansing city council agenda for January 16th:
    Introduce and set for public hearing on February 20, 2007 for a Special Use
    Permit Modification; An application from Agree Limited Partnership to modify
    the approved Special Use Permit for the 11 acre vacant property at the
    southeast corner of M-78 and Lake Lansing Road. The proposed
    modification includes a 28,600 sq. ft. two-story general office building, a
    14,564 sq. ft. one-story drug store building with a drive-up window, and a
    4,352 sq. ft. branch bank with 5 drive-through windows. The property is zoned
    in the B-2 Retail Sales Business District and the B-4 General Office Business
    This looks like more sprawl, being that it is developed past Park Lake Rd, and it is catering heavily to the automobile with so many drive through windows and drive-up windows.
  • Before I saw anything you said I was thinking "wow...more sprawl."
  • A little news blurb:

    The Pierce Company, the same company that is the master developer for the East Village development in East Lansing, has purchased the Chandler Crossings apartment complexes near Chandler and Coleman Roads in East Lansing from Atlantis Development for $105 million dollars. I am kind of skeptical about this, as this may seem like they are planning on flipping the property once they get a strong movement going with the East Village. This may also bring a conflict of interest between developing student housing in the East Village, as they won't want to compete with themselves. There is an article in the State News.
  • The East Village plan is continuing to move forward, as the Pierce company continues to talk with land owners about acquiring property. The State News has an update on the East Village project: City Receives Updates on Projects
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