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  • After reading those it seems pretty clear they are simple talking about projects they've done in the past, so they must be simple talking about the building as an expansion in the way I talked about it above (i.e. the expansion of the old BWL building and construction of a new building).
  • After rereading the LSJ story about the Firm, I decided to look into Bob Green's (the PSD director) commments: "There are other projects in the works for the 200 South Washington block that will just add to the mix.", and "Green expects to make an announcement on those additions by Jan. 1."

    I decided to look into what he could possibly be talking about, and there are several candidates:

    207-209 S Washington are owned by a company called "Capitol Holdings LLC" and has an address of 124 W Allegan. I beleive that this is probably the Boji's. Both because the "holdings" in the name indicates that this is a subsidary of a larger company and that 124 W Allegan is Boji Tower, where their offices are. These are the ugly one story buildings next to the old Michigan Theater, so they are bound to be tore down and something built in their place regardless.

    220 S Washington, the old Walgreens building. Already seen a vague item on a council agenda about condos, I have no clue what could be going on here, it could either be a simple rennovation or they could be planning some sort of new construction (although doubtful).

    The empty lot at the NE corner of Washtenaw & Washington. The citys site says that it is 66x85 feet. I think that there is enough room here for a nice infill development, something less than 6 floors would be reasonable and realistic, while something taller still isn't out of the question. I'd love to get some height on Washington Sq. This is another parcel that will almost certainly be redeveloped anyways, it's just a matter of time.

    Then of course he could have been misquoted or may have mispoken himself when he said 200 block. Once you enter the 300 block there are several possibilities for large developments, namely the Knapps building and the whole Cooley Auditorium/Performing Arts center deal, which I would expect to hear more on before too long.
  • When you are talking about the empty lot, you are talking about the vacant lot next to the Cooley library building? That lot has been empty for so long now, it would really be nice to have something built in that place.
  • There is an article in NOISE about the Temple Club closing its doors.

    NOISE: Temple Club closes
    Owners cite financial reasons for shutting Lansing nightclub

    Christian Czerwinski

    One day short of its fifth anniversary, the Temple Club, Lansing's largest music venue, closed its doors Monday because of financial troubles.

    General Manager Jerome White said ownership decided to close the venue because "the economics just weren't working out."

    "The expenses were more than the income," he said. "We appreciate the support Lansing has given us but it just doesn't have the market to support a club of this size."

    The about 10,000-square-foot club - located in an early 20th-century church - hosted national touring bands and local acts for the past five years including Clutch, Detroit's Hard Lessons and members of the Wu-Tang Clan. The Temple Club was known for its spacious dance floor surrounded by original stained glass windows and the mellower Red Light Lounge.

    White said refunds for all shows will be available at the points of purchase. He's working to secure venues for the bands still scheduled to play.

    Share your memories of the Temple Club and your reactions on the NOISE blog at and read more about the Temple Club's closing in this week's NOISE out tomorrow and in Wednesday's State Journal.
  • The lot I was talking about is a small lot kitty-corner to the Knapps building, it actually has a few parking places in it.

    About the Temple Club, thats really too bad. I think the club had a lot more potential and since the owner has been trying to dump her properties to move out of state I think it suffered more from poor management than lack of a market. The market in Lansing, given MSU, Cooley and the lack of good clubs makes for a reasonably sized and wide-open nightclub market. I think there is room for plenty of clubs maybe even several the size of the Temple Club. They just have to create themselves a district, where people can easily go club hopping, I think Washingon Sq could end up that way given time.
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    I shot off a letter to Kevin Green the yesterday. He usually always gets back to me, and I asked him specifically about the Washington/Washtenaw lot as maybe a possible spot for a mid-rise residential (hood, you read my mind). I asked that because there really isn't much besides new construction that could happen on that block that is worth mentioning. Every storefront is filled or is being filled, and almost every facade along that block has or is being revitalized. I can't imagine anything short of new construction that would be worth mention.

    BTW, it should be impletemented that every parking lot downtown look as nice as that small Washtenaw lot. If we must have all this surface parking downtown, at least make owners make it look good.

    That's really sad to here about the Temple Club, and kind of unexpected that it closed so abruptly. I was just driving by there the other day and they were getting ready for a band.
  • Thats what I was thinking. there is nothing noteworthy even possible on that block besides something new being built. And there are really only two potential locations for something new, either those two one story buildings or that lot. Thats why I'm leaning more towards maybe he meant not to specify 200 block, because the 300 block is wide open to development, for improved facades, new businesses and new construction.
  • Hey, Hood. I remember you saying a few times that you write Bob T. of the EDC about things, and it seems like you get some response. I sent him a few emails a few months back as well as one very recently, and he's NEVER been able to give me anything. He's always been courteous, but I'm surprised how tight-lipped he is. Patti Cook, the old EDC director, wasn't so cautious. Even the Planning Department is reluctant, though less reluctant, to at least give me something to chew on. Have you noticed this?
  • I never attem[ted to contact them before he was in charge. But he is about the only one I ever get a response from. I've never gotten a response from the mayors office, I only got one response from emailing council and I've never a gotten a response from any other city agency I've wrote to. What makes that worse is that the cities website is not at all informative and you can never find anything up to date on there. I could go on and on with examples, one recent example is that I looked at the Riverwalk map yesterday and noticed it was from 1999, it even listed the Blue Coyote as a sponser. The cities website is just an embarassment, I've even wrote them about the inadequecy of their website a few times and as usual got no response.
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    Well, speak of the devil. Bob got back to me, today. I listed a bunch of projects I'd like the status of, and here's what he gave me:

    "You all will be very, very pleased."

    Man, those answers just make you want to ask more, and believe me, I shot off another email asking him if he could offer me any crumbs of information. lol

    Before that I asked him about the poorly laid out EDC site. I asked if his team could even do monthly updates of the things as it's embarrasingly outdated (something like 2002 was the last time it was regularly updated, and here's what I got):

    "You are very correct. We have big dreams of a very interactive and great
    web site, but at a minimum we can scan in our news clippings. Thanks for
    the point."

    These response are so cryptic and scripted. I, too, dream of a very interactive and great website. lol The problem with this city is that it doesn't get enough good news out there, which leaves citizens to only dwell on the doom-and-gloom. This city is losing in the war of perception.

    It's funny because Patti Cook used to get back to me regularly, as would most of the city council and planning department. Now, I can get regular contact back from Kathy Dunbar, and on occasions Ms. Bauer, who's soon to leave us, and Kevin Green. But, that's about it.
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