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  • The State Journal has a brief about the Daily Bagel closing it's doors. The deli had been open since 1987, I believe. Here is the link to the article:
  • I think that businesses like this downtown may well continue to close if they don't change with the rest of downtown. they must update their interior and facades to match the rest of the buildings around them. This building in particular is part of a stretch of about 4 buildings (the two one story buildings, this building, and the building next to this) which I think should be tore down and redeveloped, for all we know that may very well be whats going on, or at least some kind of rehab.
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    There's got to be more behind this as if any businesses can survive downtown, it's those handful of lunch counters and resturants in the 300 South Block. I don't think it's bad business, as they get loads of Cooley students, which is a built in retail base. This sounds pretty fishy, and that Kevin Green wouldn't know surprises me.
  • In respnse to the story on the front page of the site about the Entertainment Espress, specifically about how extending the route 1 hours could be good enough. I really don't think so, first it would have to run until almost three, but besides that one article made a good point, people aren't too willing to ride the bus. However they are much more likely to ride a "trolley" with few stops and is dedicated to the bar/club crowd. I think that over time this could be greatly successful and could lead to a light rail line in the next 5-10 years. Come next summer we really ought to know how successful this plays out to be.
  • A story from WLNS a couple days ago: Lugnuts Stadium Getting Makeover
    I'm glad to see this, hopefully the improvements include some to the outside too, like new signs in front.

    Also, there is still no sign of activity at the Stadium District site, I guess thats really not a suprise.
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    Well, the construction fence is on site from what I can see. At least, I think that's what the metal posts are on that truck near the back of the lot. They just still haven't constructed it. I was also told the EDC is looking to move their office to a better location, but have got no reply back as to where they want to move it.
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    It was reported in the LSJ, yesterday, that the Lansing EDC is seeking to get a National Register historic district designation for all of downtown Lansing which will allow the downtown businesses and developers better chances to qualify for historic tax credits and the like. It's just one of the many things Bob T. told me is going on behind the scenes as the EDC, and every little thing counts. He also said that the EDC is working on a few other things that will help them better serve the community and that includes looking at moving their office to a better location (he wouldn't say where), and creating a design committee to help them better select and critique developers proposals to help them suit Lansing better (as opposed to plopping a suburban styled office block in to downtown Lansing, for example).
  • Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I was downtown yesterday and noticed they've started putting the construction fences up for the Stadium District project. It's just the metal poles for now, but it's something.
  • Well creating a historic district would have been more effective a few years ago when there were more buildings still in need of restoration, but late is better than never. Hopefully it can be a tool to force better design practices.

    I was by the Stadium District last night and didn't notice any fencing, but it was late. Thats good to hear though, I hope they can begin construction soon. BTW, welcome, mindbender, it's nice to have someone new here, hopefully more people continue to join and become active in the forums.
  • Bob T. just emailed me and said the Lansing EDC is moving to one of the ground space commercial units in the Abarugh. He actually told me a story about how important location is when an out-of-town investor came to Lansing recently, pulled Bob aside after a meeting, and told him the office was an embarrassement. lol Needless to say he didn't end up investing, but it just shows you how important your front door is, and the Abraugh will be a great space, and they intend to fully use their window space, which should be great. They should be moved in by mid-November.
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