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  • "You all will be very, very pleased."

    I hate that answer, so vague, but so promising. It will have sitting on the edge of my seat for awhile. I want to at least hear a small project announced here and there, it almost seems as if the city is awaiting a moment to announce a large volume of projects all at once.
  • I was driving home last night, and went through downtown, down Michigan from Penn and then down Washington. I couldn't beleive how many people were down there, there was very little parking available. All the nightspots I could see inside of were busy, 621, Rumrunners, The Firm and Tavern on the Sq. (which I didn't even think was open.) I'm sure the other places that I couldn't see inside were just as busy X-cel and The Exchange. I think those two new resturaunts are going to prove to be a huge leap in the right direction for creating a true downtown entertainment district. We just need a another nightspot in the 300 block of michigan, just east of the river, another one just on the west side of the river and at least one in the 100 block of south Washington and there will be a seamless district that will feel connected. Also, when I drove through earlier, at about 8:30 both the new resturaunts were busy and Troppo was pretty much packed.
  • I noticed that, too, driving through downtown the other night. I saw people playing pool inside of The Firm, but I figure it must have been a private event or something, because when I was back down there, tonight, all the lights were off.
  • I noticed that also, I heard that one of the resturaunts wasn't goind to officially open until haloween, it must have been The Firm. Never the less, it gives a hint at what downtown could be like. I think there needs to be at least 3 more places that cater to the younger night crowd around there, it would be great to get about 5 or 6 spread down Washington and Michigan though.
  • The developer of the former City Club site, Mark Kerrins, came in to speak to my property management class today. I asked him what he planned for the site, he said the only thing for sure is residential. He said that he has some architectual renderings and that he plans to tear down the old building, buy an easement from the city of Lansing along the river and possibly construct a 4 floor building with about 36 units. He said that he is open to having 2 floor top units, he also said that he is working with Kincaid Design/Build, same as with Abrams Landing. He said that he could email the renderings to me so I hope to have some to post before too long.
  • These are the same plans he had for a few years now when he first put forth this concept.
  • I think he is moving more on this now though, for instance there's a sign up on the building now. Ever since I first heard of this project (I think in '04, and the proposal by a previous developer in '02) I've wanted to see renderings. However I may have mispoken my email address to him, I thought about just after I left school, but hopefully it's right and I get an email before too long.
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    The entertainment express will be up and running on Thursday: Entertainment Express
    City Pulse Story

    Route Map:
  • That's funny. I had been noticing the Entertainment Express in the minutes and agendas for the East Lansing City Council, but I was thinking it was a theater group or something of that nature.
  • Bernero eluded to this in his campaign for mayor, last year, and it looks like he has come through. Hopefully, this proves popular enough to give even more justification for a light rail line along Route #1. In fact, Route #1 is CATA's most heavily traveled route, they've told me. They didn't give me the numbers, though. The line is pefect as it connects Central (downtown Lansing) and East (Okemos) along a very busy route right through MSU with major stops at Frandor and everything along Michigan and Grand Avenues.
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