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  • So, the LSJ has a little article on the Starbucks we talked about back in late April. Cedar Street Plaz will open up next month. The site directly south of and adjacent to I-96 with be 4,100 square feet with Starbucks occupying one of two storefronts.

  • The South Lansing Starbucks is open. I found out that they actually opened on Thursday while I was talking to the baristas on Friday night. It looks like they are keeping the tall three-sided sign and it's been converted to LED's. It was lit really brightly on Friday night.
  • Another large store closing in the Lansing area (following the Schuler's announcement).
    Sam's Club on Edgewood Blvd is closing, one of 62 to close nationwide.

    Sam's Club in Lansing to close on Jan. 26; 172 workers will lose jobs

    I wonder how much the new Costco in the Lansing market had to do with this? I'm glad Costco is here, don't get me wrong. I wonder what might take over that space someday. (Costco? possible but unlikely)

  • It is kind of less than ironic that the same day they announce their big "tax cut pay raises" to $11 dollars an hour, wow!, they close scores of Sam's Club stores without warning. They sure did not have the Treasury Secretary out there subtracting the number of people who just lost their jobs from that "3million" who have got "tax cut pay raises."

  • I agree on the timing, seems that Wal-Mart wanted the pay raises announcement to dominate the news and the Sam's closures less so. This does leave a gap somewhat for the Lansing area. The remaining Sam's at Eastwood (north end of town) and Costco in East Lansing (northeast edge of EL). No similar warehouse stores on the west or south ends of town.

  • Lansing is really rather small geographically, so anywhere from edge to edge takes less than 20 minutes by car, I think folks looking for a big box store will be able to find one in the area. This does leave another large empty space in that shopping center. It would be an interesting idea for Meijer's to have a savings club type store in that spot to compete with Cosco. They [not Meijer's} opened a new supermarket in the old Logan Center if they could market a space like that in South Lansing maybe this space will not be vacant for long.

  • Interesting thought, but Meijer seems to be doing pretty well with its current business model. I'd be surprised if they wanted to move into the warehouse club membership type business since Costco is so dominant in that particular market niche.

  • Meijer is actually moving towards a smaller format. They are working on some plans to build an "urban"/small-format Meijer near downtown Detroit on East Jefferson.

    These big box footprints are really becoming a liability for cities as they deal with large vacancies and a lack of companies available to occupy them. I think we'll need to see a change in zoning rules to prevent these large footprint big-box stores without a plan in place that allows for future subdividing in the event that the company ends up moving.

  • That would be a nice change. Those "peak-sized" huge parking lots eat up a lot of land and create a lot of water pollution from run-off. I know it's too much to hope for, but I wish those big box stores would transition to multi-level stores with integrated parking garages, even in sprawled out areas.

  • It is time for communities to consider what they are going to do with the huge spaces that are being vacated in the malls and shopping centers, and like you say, look beyond just getting another big box store to move into the vacant space.
    Environmental codes could be applied to surface parking lots to require water resource preservation and pollution controls. I think that is what they are going to do over at Frandor and the larger drain project, build a whole new system that protects the Red Cedar.

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