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  • Meijer tried to get into the Wholesale club back in the 90s, but couldn't compete. They called it Source Club or something like that.

    I agree with Jared- they're moving towards smaller footprints.

  • Of course, Meijer will not be going into the vacant Sam's Club with a small scale store, as they have a huge store in that area. I was thinking of what could go in that space. I never go down that way, is it a popular shopping center? Perhaps they will have no trouble filling the space.
    It would be cool to see an urban size Meijer's somewhere downtown Lansing, maybe that Lake Trust block. I could see a nice building with the store a parking structure and maybe housing above that similar to the new building with a Target in E.L...

  • gbd - I like that idea... but perhaps instead of downtown, on the East side near the Venue? Or maybe between Old Town, downtown, and REO town in the vast wastelands between the stadium district and Cedar/Larch/Saginaw?

  • On the Sam's closing, gbdinlansing, I agree that 1 Sam's in the Lansing area along with the Costco is perhaps enough as the drive from one end of town to another is not prohibitive for most (those riding the bus, it may be another issue). In posting on the South Lansing thread, I was getting at the closure's impact on that area specifically. 170-some out of work, another vacant big-box store on the southside, etc. Somewhat similar to Macy's closing last year in the Lansing Mall. Sure there's still one in Okemos, but the Lansing Mall (losing another anchor store) and Delta Twp feel an impact.

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    As for the Edgewood shopping area on the southside... It's near where I live. It is anchored by Target at the east end, opposite of Sam's. Average looking shopping plaza, giant asphalt lot, typically 2-3 vacant stores. Lumber Liquidators, Office Max, Party City, Gamestop, Great Clips, a dollar store are other tenants that come to mind. Outlot tenants are Texas Roadhouse, Hooters, Steak n Shake, Gordan's, and WILX. Celebration Cinema, Shaheen's, and Menards are adjacent, to give a sense of what's there. Not sure what retail would go in the Sam's space. Possibly an exercise/fitness place or an indoor driving range, soccer venue? Planet Fitness moved in to a long-vacant L&L grocery store space in Holt recently. Though Sam's will of course be a much bigger vacant building.

  • Well, looks like the new mayor is wasting no time. The Lansing City Pulse has a story on how he's threatening to take control of the center if they don't fix it up. He's saying they've been in violation of code forever, which would give the city cover to condemn it. I just noticed tonight, however, that there is a new grocery store in the plaza.

  • I thought that he was referring to Logan Square, Holmes and MLK. Edgewood Towne Center is pretty much up to code.

  • Wow, Hooters! I gotta get over there! {just kidding!} I think Mich. is talking about the Logan Center, which has had a new supermarket move in recently.I have been wanting to go there as they say the meat department is really good, but that shopping center feels "not good" which is based only on a feeling, I have not been in there at all. I really think they should just knock all of the buildings down and rebuild a whole new retail and residential district on those four corners. So much wasted and underused space there.

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    Yes, I was talking about Logan Square. This is the South Lansing thread (really should be renamed Southside Lansing thread).

    BTW, the article does speak about how LEAP/Lansing EDC wants to get the center, tear it down, and putting the parking in the back. The still-unpassed FBC would really force something like this and Tresize does indirectly bring that up.

  • Yes, if the owner wants to get rid of it let's help him. The whole place is a monument to hard times. I think the Southside neighbors would love to have a nice business district to shop and live in. Like here in REOtown I think most folks would be happy to find a new pride in saying "I live on the Southside".

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