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  • I hope that there can be a creative use for the other land next to the proposed dealership and that it doesn't turn in to a fast-food place. I think even a large amount of densely planted trees could be nice and refreshing after coming off of the highway.
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    I am sad to say the cool all glass former car dealership on MLK at Holmes has been converted into a self-storage business. That is just what we needed over there! I think that there are at least five mmj shops on that corner area now. I don't know I guess we don't really count how many places sell beer and cigarettes and other medical drugs maybe we should just let the market take care of this situation. I have seen several close lately. If they are going to be there then fix up the places like many others have.
    Down Penn. Ave the new Aldi store looks great, it's easier to see as well.
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    I was disappointed to see that as well. That stretch of MLK could really use some help. I've always admired the building for it's simple, clean modern look where the showroom once was. However, it does look like they actually spent some time and money on the interior design, or at least for a storage facility and any building on that stretch. I'd rather see it being utilized than sitting pretty much vacant like Logan Square.

    At least it's not another liquor store...
  • The sign for Logan Square has been smashed for months.
  • There's many things that I'd rather see there than a self storage place, but at least the building was fixed up and will be maintained.

    For as rough as that stretch of MLK is, it was still considerably worse 10 years ago. Just about every building that is empty now was empty then, Logan Square hadn't been remodeled and the strip mall at Holmes & MLK wasn't there. Go back another 5 years or so and it would've been a bit worse still. Heading south from Jolly things aren't looking as good, I haven't really seen anything positive happening down that way in awhile besides a Dollar General being built.

    I forgot to mention that the State is looking for space to put their telecom people in and apparently the old EDS building on Holmes is being considered. I don't really think office is the best use for that site but it would certainly help the area to bring in a few hundred employees every day.
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    It's better than what the recent plans for the site have been, that's for sure. Weren't they going to use that as warehouse/storage space, too?

    Yeah, the Logan Square area was worst in recent years past, but it's a shame that no one seems to be interested in doing more. This should be a city project being targeted with tax incentizes like any other. At the very least, there is no good reason why it wasn't kept up like Frandor, which has survived and thrived through tough times. Hell, even a nice streetscape would go a very long way. I can never get over how barren of trees and such that intersection is.
  • Well, I wouldn't expect it to thrive quite like Frandor which is in a way, way better location (more people within x miles, highway access, higher incomes). With some attention from the City it would probably be a lot better off though. I'd agree that streetscaping along with tax incentives are the best way to improve the MLK corridor, same with the Pleasant Grove & Holmes area.
  • I remember when they opened the Logan Center, it was the first time my folks would go to a supermarket outside our neighborhood, they really liked the Kroger store and there were a lot of little locally owned shops and a little discount department store called Arland's. My Mom was a nurse in the emergency room the night the elephant broke free from the carnival in the parking lot and went a rampage through Arland's. That freaked me out about elephants for years! It was never fancy like a mall, the updates always looked cheap, and they lost a lot of business when the malls and surrounding box stores opened. There was never a day when the whole parking lot was full. Today I have never even thought about turning in there.
    I have said this here before, I think there could be a great four corners South Side "downtown" at MLK and Holmes. The demographics and make up of the neighborhood is different than when I was young but there is tons of people and economic activity there, the Kroger is always packed etc. but it sits in a black top desert. Urbanize the landscape and buildings, add trees and shaded pedestrian walkways.
  • I believe that Cedar between Mt Hope and Cavanaugh has the best chance of any street on the southside to become a solid semi-urban mixed use district, centered around Cedar & Holmes. There are good older neighborhoods for a fair distance in every direction from that corner, there are already some old somewhat historic storefronts and the Walter French building makes a potentially great anchor to the north.

    MLK south of Victor is hobbled by non contiguous, less dense neighborhoods, too often made up of poor quality housing. It's also hurt by the fact that to the north it's virtually all residential and doesn't really go anywhere, while to south development becomes sparse and it doesn't seem likely we'll see a lot of infill between Lansing and Eaton Rapids anytime in the near future. I agree that urbanizing the area is a great step in the right direction, I also agree that MLK & Holmes could still make for a nice urban node; it's just going to be an uphill battle for that corridor.
  • I have noticed what you say is true, the M-99 MLK corridor is less developed and what is there is hit or miss and not very impressive. Holt looks much nicer in town as well the corridors leading to town and farther down Mason is very nice and active.
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