Southside Lansing Development



  • Yes, it is a Dollar General, as there is a Family Dollar up the street the has to be a Dollar General within five blocks. I think it's a law:}

  • I read an interesting article about the economy and why they are closing mall stores and building dollar stores. It seems that the demographic market for higher-end mall stores is not only shopping more online but is also shrinking. While the demographic group that does not shop online that would be people with less income is growing. They are building hundreds of dollar stores everywhere, but only about 2 or 3 big mall type developments are going to be built this year. I do not really like either malls or dollar stores. I do think I would rather have a Macy's than a Dollar General. It looks like the new economy is not really lifting everyone, and that does not make sense to me. This is easy to see here in Lansing.

  • I really hate that Dollar General at Cedar & Willard, I'd rather not see more buildings like this on Cedar, especially not north of Jolly.

    Another big reason for the number of dollar stores popping up is that Dollar Tree/Family Dollar and Dollar General are in sort of a war right now. They were both competing to buy Family Dollar a few years ago and Dollar Tree won the bidding war, so there's some bad blood there. I'm pretty sure Dollar General is putting some of the money that would've gone into buying Family Dollar into expansion instead.

  • I drove by the old Dad's Inn this morning and I noticed a banner covering their sign next to the highway. It said that UHAUL was going to be moving in there. Has anyone seen anything about that?

  • Over at Quentin Park, two baseball fields are being installed in the open area next to Barnes Ave... This was an open area that was used for softball, "peewee" football and ice skating in the old days. I think it is great that they are doing something in my former neighborhood park but the new fields are going to be surrounded with a permanent fence, possibly a metal cyclone type [they have not put up the fence yet] in the middle of what was always an open green space. I wonder how the neighbors who will be looking at those fences feel about the new fields? It looks kind of ugly to me right now. IMO!:}

  • I just noticed that the new Dollar General Store has opened on S. Cedar. It sits way back from the street with parking and some grass! out front. When I drive down that way I often think about why I like it better than W. Saginaw, I think that most of the development is older and just looks more real I guess?. I think that this street could really benefit from the "Main Street" treatment as they did on S. Washinton/REOtown and Old Town. Nice street lighting sidewalks, bike lanes etc... With all the curb cuts for businesses, I could see a more local lane and a thru-lane separated in places for a lane at a higher speed. This street really is a Main Street for South Lansing and it could begin to attract more and better developments. Just a thought!

  • It's been opened for months. I've talked about it in relation to the proposed Form-Base Code, because this setback would have never been allowed in the zoning district in which this lot would sit. It is a sin that this is allowed under our current code.

  • It is so far back I never noticed it until this weekend!

  • Much of the work on Mt.Hope Barnes and Smith Ave is done. If you want several blocks of driving pleasure the new pavement is really nice. Kind of an unexpected lane change westbound Mt Hope at MLK the right lane is for right turns only as west of there Mt Hope is now three lanes. They have removed the traffic rotaries on Smith and one on Barnes. It is amazing how much of an improvement new streets make in an old neighborhood.

  • Work has begun on the new storage facility at Holmes and S Washington, I could tell because the first thing they did was to take out all the trees that were there from the old landscaping. Seems like we still have a frontier attitude here, step one, cut down all the trees! The BWL is also doing utility cuts on that part of S. Washington so it looks a little bleak down that way.

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