The Hub at East Lansing

There's more details on the proposal for a new mixed use building at the SE corner of Grand River and Bogue in the June 14th Planning Commission packet . The building is being proposed by Core Campus and will be 10 floors with underground parking, the ground floor will be retail and parking while the upper floors will be apartments, I can't find any mention of a unit or bed count.

More renderings here (pdf)



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    The NIMBYs are going to have a heart attack. lol But, really, this is exactly where tall buildings in downtown (or downtown-adjacent) East Lansing need to be: on Grand River. The roof-top garden is a nice touch.

  • So this is on the south side of Grand River looking at that awful "Element" building across the street? It is really surprising to see another "tall building" development being proposed, this one look really good. I hope the EL powers can get it together and let the city join the 21st century.

  • Interesting. I'll be very surprised if all three of the big projects now under proposal go through (Park District, City Center and now this). I think with Park District having become such a quagmire, East Lansing is looking at any developer that'll put up a big project - bet on enough horses and eventually you'll win something.

    Greater Downtown Detroit was like this before that area finally reached the tipping point. Tons of amazing proposals, with a few that actually got built.

  • Great, thanks for posting this! I have pretty high confidence that this will proceed. Core Campus has already developed many projects like this in other college towns, and they have already been able to lead a change in the zoning ordinances so this could be proposed and pass easily.

    I am happy to see no curb cuts on Grand River. All parking entrance/exits will be off of Bogue, the 20' wide alley behind, and Cedar Street.

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    I doubt East Lansing would even let these projects have parking entrances off of Grand River. Neither Center City nor Park District have entrances off of Grand River, I don't think.

    Anyway, yeah, not sure why anyone would doubt this. This project isn't working with city land or an existing distressed project. The city might put them through the ringer in the planning process as they are wont to do in East Lansing, but the project doesn't appear to be contingent upon any difficult land deals or anything.

  • I like that attitude, it is good to hear this newest project is already on the right track. If all three of these project are built there will be quite a view from the bridge heading west into East Lansing from Okemos.

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    This project is working with city land or an existing distressed project.

    The project is working with the 7-11 and possibly the Georgio's Pizza next door. Neither of these properties are city-owned or distressed, which tells me that this project is more likely to succeed.

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    It was a typo; I've changed it. In the context of the post "isn't" wouldn't make sense either way. lol

    Gbd, you'd think. But the 8-story building on Albert isn't visible from the top of the bridge, and these won't be much taller than that. This is closer to the bridge than the other two to go up, so maybe you'll catch a peak. But these buildings would have be a bit taller to stick out. Hubbard Hall are really the only two buildings you see from up there.

    With EL's downtown height limit, the "skyline" will have be appreciated from pretty up close. lol In fact, I was kind of surprised how hard it was to distinguish the downtown skyline from the top floor of the Sparrow Tower.

  • Okay, the typo makes much more sense :)

    I used to live in Hubbard Hall and we would go up to the top floor and look out of the windows there. You can really see the whole east side of the region from the top floor. All the way out to the lights from Meridian Mall parking lot to the Capitol Building. Some people I knew who worked in maintenance were able to go up to the roof but I was never able to make the trip up there.

    I think the best vantage point of these developments may be at the top of the Spartan Club inside of Spartan Stadium. It's uniquely positioned along the middle axis of downtown and would probably get a great panorama of Grand River.

  • Never been to the Spartan Club (now called the Huntington Club), but I've been to the top of the stadium. Beautiful views of the field and part of campus looking east and southeast, and beautiful views of downtown Lansing. You'd definitely be able to see The Hub as you do get a bit of a view east-northeast. Center City and Park might be a bit more difficult, but you'd probably get the best views of them from the south end of the stadium.

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