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  • I drove over the new Grand River Bridge, today. It's VERY nice.
  • Couple thing from the upcoming council meeting:

    "b. Letter from the State of Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth Liquor Control Commission providing a 15 Day Notice of an application filed by Absolut, Inc. requesting to transfer ownership of a 2006 SDD & SDM licensed business located at 428 S. Washington from Sat Sang, Inc"

    This is something regarding the downtown party store.

    "i. Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ) Application filed by Richard Karp for the 200 Block of E. Grand River (Municipal Parking Lot #56)"

    This is obviously regarding Mr Karps "Rivernorth Luxe Loftominiums" project. I can't wait until we hear more details come out.
  • The LCC University Center project is well underway, the rennovation of the old library has begun and it appears that digging has begun for the new addition.
  • It also appears, as of this week, that the Ranney Parking Lot (Stadium District) is fully barricaded. There has been no parking on it. Hopefully, we'll see some construction equipment soon.

    The Firm, is coming along very nicely. They've stripped it down to its original facade, and taken out the covered patio area that jutted out onto Washington Square. They seem to be working very hard on this one.

    The old Walgreens Building right across the street (the Frisbee's restaurant building/convience store) is also under heavy renovation and facade work. I forget what exactly they are doing with it.

    Also, the building directly north and adjacent to the Ranney Building (with the balconey, and recessed ground floor) is starting to look really cool with all of the details they have on it.

    I'm really going to have do another photo tour, soon. I haven't done one in MONTHS.
  • I'm really interested to see what exactly they are planning for that building next to the Ranney. That fire place and recessed facade is looking really neat.

    Also, the Sparrow West Wing Addition is moving along nicely, they are finising up the seventh floor and should begin putting up columns for the eighth floor anytime.

    And they have finally started on the structure of the Michigan Resturaunt Association building, they will probably finish it up this week.
  • I was back down on Washington, today, but without my camera. It seems like they are working very hard on the building that houses the Capitol Pharmacy. Nothing much is being done outside at the moment, but they were hammering away on the inside.

    I also noticed how relatively busy it is for a Sunday downtown, now, even though nothing is open. You can definitely see the effect of the Arbaugh on the activity on Washington Square. I can only imagine how much busier it'd be if things were actually open.

    Downtown EL was also very busy, today, for it being a Sunday.
  • Is the Capitol Pharmacy building the one just south of 101 S Washington? I know that that building was slated to be completely remodled for lofts on the top two floors and retail on the ground floor. I think that they are suppoed to restore the facade as part of the rennovation, they just seem to be taking their time on the project. I'm thinking it's a small developer working on the project.

    Also, as part of one of my real estate classes at LCC, the developer of the old City Club resturaunt is supposed to come in and speak at some point, I plan on trying to find out more about what he is going to develop there.
  • Isn't Diamond in the Rough, LLC doing the Capitol Lofts project? Anyway, they've really been working in earnest on it the past few weeks. It's a lot bigger than it looks from the front.
  • Did anyone hear about RiverNorth during City Council, tonight? Sounds like it's moving foward, but still no good details.
  • I haven't been watching the council meetings for months now. And I don't expect any good details on this project to come from the council meetings, at least not before they are announced somewhere else. The RiverGrand project is major enough to the Old Town area that it will almost certainly be officially announced in the news and maybe even a press conference. That is when I expect the first renderings and good details to come out.
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