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  • I was wrong about it being the old Rite-Aid building, its actually the old Walgreens building, the same one that had Spads in it a while back.
  • I'm still having a hard time picturing this building. What side of the street is it on?
  • This one:

  • Spad's was one of my favorite pizza places. I still remember their breadsticks.
  • It sure was one of the best pizza chains in Lansing.

    BTW, I never knew that was a Walgreens. I've always referred to it as the Frizbees Building, as that used to be what it was not too long ago.

    BTW, does anyone know what theater Club ExCel (visible next door to the building) used to be? It's pretty obvious to me that it used to be a cinema.
  • I loved Spads too, who could beat getting a big slice of pizza for like $.80.

    The building used to be a Walgreens a long, long time ago, probably before I was born. It is evident by the two symbols on the building also.

    I have no clue what theater club Xcel used to be, or if it was one at all. It seems that I tried to find out more info on it at one time and I couldn't ever seem to find anything pointing to a theater.
  • Let me rephrase that...

    I'm pretty sure I read that it was once an old theater, and you can tell it was especially from that picture above. I just can't remember the name or what it originally looked like.
  • I sent LanCity a message asking about this and he said: "...should see an interesting development in the old frisbee's place announced relatively soon."

    The old Frizbee's place is at 222 S Washington Sq, this building.
  • I'm just glad to see them doing something with it. The facade is one of the remaining few on the 200 South Block that need to be refurbished. It really kind of stuck out. I'm really wondering what's taking the city so long to do the streetscape renovation they've planned for all of Washington Square. They did the 100 North and South blocks and just quit.
  • If I remember right, the CSO work and therefore the streetscaping and opening up of Washington Sq is scheduled for 2007. I'll have to find the CSO work schedule again to be sure.
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