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  • I was down on South Pennsylvania for the first time in a long time, and was shocked when I saw what look like some tall, 2-story rowhouses just north of Cavanaugh on the eastside of the street. Has anyone been down this way and no anything about this? It looks like the garage is on the bottom floor, so they are stacked condos, but it was a nice row of what looked to be over 6 of them.
  • no, i haven't heard about those before. can you give a better location.
  • Pennsylvania at Cavanaugh is a pretty large intersection. I'm not sure how much specific I can get. Cavanaugh is a semi-major east-west corridor in south Lansing. The next major east-west street is Jolly Road to the south. Hope that helps.

    Jared, I forgot, are you a lifelong East Lansingite, or from somewhere else?
  • Thase have been sitting as is (framed with the windows in) for several weeks now, I think they are just going to end up being some cheap townhouses. Never the less they will almost certainly look better than the smal two floor office building that was there (it was the same as the two ot three to the south of it.)
  • Yeah, i completely missed the sentence that it was just north of Cavanaugh. Yeah, I'm a lifelong East Lansingite.
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    I don't care if they are cheap, as long as they are building in density. They looked relatively nice to me. I was just surprised that I'd heard nothing about them.


    I contacted the planning department, and they informed me that the project is 6, market-rate townhomes meaning they aren't low-income units. The developer is a company I've never heard of: Future Equities.
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    Some pics of the Michigan Resturaunt Association Building:



    Also, they are moving along nicely with the rennovation of the old Parthenon Resturaunt, the building has been painted and they are beginning to install new window frames for the ground floor, it also looks like they are nearly done with the building next door to the Ranney Building. Also, over the next few weekends expect to see a crane around the Grand Tower, however it is only for redoing the roof.
  • The steel has been finished for the Michigan Resturaunt Association Building.

    Also, soemthing to watch for in future council meetings (its only listed under letters to the Mayor this week):

    "Brownfield Plan #29, Kalamazoo Cold Storage Facility Brownfield Plan for property located at 711 E. Kalamazoo St. (SS2 Ventures)"

    This could be interesting, I always liked this building. if anyone doesn't know it, it's the old Michigan Refridgeration company building, a three story dilapidated light blue building on Kalamazoo just east of Larch.
  • Man, that area of Kalamazoo between Larch and Penn. REALLY needs some TLC. I'm over at Sunset Market every week, and it's a very poor gateway into and from downtown.
  • I know, its the only REALLY bad looking area of Lansing, I mean there are plenty of others that look rough but that stretch of kzoo looks horrible, almost like being in Detroit or Flint.
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