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    Between Collins and Aurelius is quite a stretch, so there are multiple owners. Are you looking at a more specific area that that? I mean, you've got the hotel, MSU University Club and an access to Forest Akers Golf Course, an apartment complex, the back of Evergreen Cemetery, two private condo developments, multiple single-family homes, the back of Fenner Nature Center...

  • @ratchetwrench The vacant land north of Forest Rd closer to Aurelius is the back of Fenner Arboretum and the vacant land nearer Hunt Club is the back of the Evergreen Cemetery so there won't be any development there. There's certainly some room for added density here and there along Aurelius though.

  • I believe MSU owns the land with the little pond across 127 on the west side.
    The location of the new hospital has been decided, hasn't it? If we are talking about where we would "like" to see the new hospital, I think the huge space at MLK and Holmes would serve Lansing better as a site, and revitalize a large vacant or under-used area of South Lansing.
    The site along the highway provides a great location that will the first building travelers see when approaching Lansing from the south. A forever advertisement for Mclaren.

  • Thanks for the info everyone. I hadn't even considered that Fenner and the cemetery extended all the way to Forest Rd.

  • I have a 35 years gap in my Lansing experiences so I did know this at one time, Forest Road goes under 127 onto East Lansing and MSU! The site makes a bit more sense to me now, and I know everyone else already knew this fact! There seems to be enough room for a small access road right next to 127 from Mt Hope through the golf course if they need to connect with another major road.

  • It's not quite enough room. Part of that is a freeway embankment, and one of the holes is already built basically right up next to the embankment. There is maybe enough room to fit a golf cart road in between the hole and the freeway right-of-way without having to reconfigure that whole side of the course. Access from the north will probably have to remain Harrison Road and Farm Lane.

  • I do not think they would give up any of the golf course in reality, but I could imagine a small lane hugging the right of way, perhaps for emergency use only. The other side of 127 might be a good place for this kind of an access lane to the new hospital if they found they needed more connections with Lansing. I'm trying Forest Road the next time I go to the P.O. in the cornfield [that's what I call it] E. Mt hope is a real broken up mess past Aurelius right now.

  • The access road from forest to Mt. Hope is surveyed out for a bike path. So unlikely for a road to be built there.

  • That is very interesting, it seems like they want to build hospital/hotels which do not fit into urban spaces easily or as cheaply as vacant land in the suburbs. It looks like market forces are overcoming community service when private companies are deciding where to build a new building.

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