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  • I was by this site yesterday and they are really going to town! They started with the cutting of the trees! Looks like they want to get the road access in place first. Be careful driving by there. There are huge deep potholes in the lanes where they have redirected traffic on Collins Road. If you go you will see that it is quite an explosion of activity.

  • That's a really big building. Wish that it was integrated into the city somewhere. It could take the entire parcel near Frandor where Dunhams is. It could be at the Red Cedar or Waverly golf course.

    I guess I'm okay with where it's landing. I think they could have done better, but they also could've done a lot worse. I hope the Jolly rd area starts building upwards, more density, less sprawl.

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    I was back in town for a brief visit on Sunday, I drove around this area on my way out of town. I guess I think this is actually a pretty great location for a hospital .....Hospitals require such large footprints that it would probably be more of a barrier if were more engrained in the city fabric. It will look really impressive when coming into town from the south, and you'll be able to see it from I-96. Between this, the frandor development and easttown, the Lansing area will feel like a really large and urban region as you are coming up 127.

    Another plus is that it will be really easily, directly linked to the MSU hospital area along the service drive on south campus. Btw, the solar parking lots down there look super sci-fi, I love it! This should be the model for every surface parking lot in America. Props to MSU for pushing this. Also, that hospital/medical research area/I've-never-known-what-this-is-or-seen-a-single-person-here-ever area is expanding like mad! It's a whole city within a city over there. Some decent architecture.....looks like a lot of money's gone into it.

    I have magical memories of that Baker woodlot, too. Our family would walk around the big loop and my dog would lap us 12 times in the process and fight every other dog she came across. We used to climb up the downed trees at that nice mellow angle. Do any of you go here ever? It's really nice.

  • Foundation construction officially started last week.

    Less than four months after breaking ground on a state-of-the-art $450 million health care campus, McLaren Greater Lansing officials gathered to celebrate a major milestone as crews began pouring the foundation for the future of health care in the region.

    The project team has been hard at work removing more than 150,000 cubic yards of dirt from the site to make room for the new hospital. In total, nearly 18,000 cubic yards of concrete is being used in the hospital’s foundation, with 390 tons of reinforcing steel placed inside. More than 160,000 tons of sand and gravel have been used in the building process so far.

  • Seeing these pictures shows how massive this site is! I feel really bad for the area around the old hospital. I wonder how long the old hospital will sit vacant before someone finds a new use for the building or the land.
  • Yeah, I do wonder how the neighborhoods will fare in that area once both hospitals are gone. They are massive structures that will be difficult to find the right tenants for.

  • What I read/heard about the old buildings is that they are actively marketing them even though the new hospital is three years down the line. It could be happy talk but the report said they have had an interest in them for use as laboratory facilities, or some sort of medical use other than an in-patient hospital. Some neighbors reported that the company was communicating with the neighborhoods and told them they may tear down the buildings if they remain vacant. Losing the building off Pennsylvania would not be so bad I have always thought this was a weird place for a hospital, but it would be sad to see the Greenlawn building go vacant and torn down, that would leave a huge hole there.

  • Barton Malow - who is partnered with Christman on this one - released a video of the massive foundation pour:

    I guess this is going to be a mat-slab foundation (shallow foundation) as opposed to piles.

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