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  • Was anyone able to attend the McLaren Public Meeting about this project yesterday? I wasn't able to make it.

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    Didn't make it, but the press release announced the design-build team for the project earlier this month:

    LANSING, Mich. – A joint venture between Lansing-based The Christman Company and Southfield-based Barton Malow will be the construction managers of McLaren Greater Lansing’s new hospital adjacent to Michigan State University. Detroit-based Harley Ellis Devereaux and the Chicago office of CallisonRTKL will be the architects of the acute care hospital, officials announced today.

    Other partners:

    McLaren Greater Lansing is also working with the following Michigan-based companies on the new hospital project:

    • Kramer Management Group (Lansing, Michigan) is providing program management services as an extension of the hospital. KMG is leading the coordination effort on all aspects of the multi-faceted project including project planning, project budgeting, design guidance, oversight of project contractors, owner equipment procurement assistance, move management assistance and assisting with transition to the operations team at the completion of the project.

    • Pace Howe Design (Lansing, Michigan) is serving as a consultant to the hospital to guide the selection and design of interior finishes. PHD will also be leading the furniture and artwork planning, selection process and installation.

    • C2AE (Lansing, Michigan) is providing civil engineering consulting services to the hospital related to offsite infrastructure. This includes analysis of utility systems and roadways leading to the new development site to determine what improvements will be needed to support development.

    • PEA (Troy, Michigan) is providing the civil engineer design services for the new development site. This includes all roadways and parking, utilities and landscaping within the property boundaries of the new development.

    • Thermal Tech (Richland, Michigan) is providing consulting and commissioning services related to the oversight of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems on the project.

    • IMEG (Wixom, Michigan) is providing consulting and coordination services related to medical equipment planning and technology planning for the project.

  • On next week's Committee on Development and Planning is the consideration of the vacation of Alliance Drive (and a portion of Technology Boulevard) in the University Corporate Research Park to make way for McLaren's new hospital. This would then go to the full council for approval on September 24.

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    The agenda for the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) seems to have been posted the day that it happened (Thursday). Apparently, McLaren is seeking a variance for the buildings height in its zoning district (D-1 Professional Office), and reclassification of the road out front to allow for a hospital.

    We find out that McLaren wants a max height of 178 feet on the site, when the maximum height in the district is 45 feet. Also, Collins and Forest roads are currently designated "collector roads" and need to be designated as "principal or minor arterials" in order for hospital to be built.

    This is far taller than I thought it was going to be just looking at the renderings. What I'm confused about is that the elevation that is included in the packet shows the height of the hospital to 158 feet.

    Anyway, the zoning administrator recommended the BZA approve these variances since the request meets all the criteria for granting one. Variances, BTW, only require a vote from the BZA, so this doesn't have to go through council like other requests.

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    The Board of Zoning Appeals has their agenda out for this month. Nothing of any real development interest for this month, but they have the minutes from the September meeting which concerned the new hopsital. They now give the height as 140'-9". The rough plans from last month doesn't show this number to any roof on the building, so I'm confused. I'm getting 142'-6" from the plans they submitted last month.

    We also find out that the 178 feet they are requesting is to the top of some "technology" that will be on the roof. I was under the impression tha this kind of stuff didn't count as building height, but I guess it does. Anyway, the variances (height and street designations) were approved 5-1.

    The last step for this one is the vacation of Alliance Drive and part of Technology Boulevard which will be before the council for final approval on Monday after having been recommend by the Planning Board back at their August meeting. After that, the only thing left is approval of the site plan by the Planning Office which is ongoing, so things are on schedule for this one.

  • I was just on Forest Road [this is how I avoid Mt Hope which is falling apart at the east end], I was thinking that this street is going to become quite busy. I could see curbing and a sidewalk and bike lane on one side and a couple of stop signs to slow traffic. This will be a big change for the folks who live there.

  • It really is, and I am a bit concerned not more has been discussed about this. Forest weirdly feels like an old country road, and it's about to become a major entrance/exit for the hospital. I know they wish everyone is going to come and leave from Dunckel, but that's out of the way for most people who'll try and reach this location.

  • It seems like Forest Road will also be the most direct ambulance route as well. I have not seen any depictions of the planned routes or entrances to the hospital, are they planning on using Dunkel?

  • The parking entrance for the hospital as designed is off of Forest. I have commented to McClaren that this should be moved to using Collins but I have not heard back. The city is planning on adding turning lanes and that is it. I do not have any updated picture of this sorry.

  • Ground was broken today on the new hospital, with plans to have it open to patients by early 2022.

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