The Hollister Building



  • I liked the first material they "tested" for the facade. I'm still curious what the final product will look like, they really seem to be taking their time now.
  • it does seem to have slowed to a crawl.
  • That's only because they are pretty much done with whatever they are going to do to the outside of the building, probably.
  • They have some changes they still need to make just to make the building presentable. I had hoped they would replace the windows, but they really do need to at least do something with some of the window frames. As I said I am really disapointed in the quality on this.
  • I guess not much has changed since the last photo was posted several months ago, except for the addition of the Jimmy Johns signage

  • I'm pretty sure its completed, at least work on the ground floor.
  • The plan for lofts has been scrapped, at least temporarily. The MSP supposedly complained about the plan for lofts citing security concerns. Theres no word on the 5th & 6th floors being leased for anything else, so I would guess the lofts are still a go when MSP moves to their new building.
  • Security concerns? WTF? Does the MSP lease space on the middle floors?
  • They lease temporary space on the 3rd & 4th floors, maybe the 2nd also. The security concern thing is something of a joke, but MSP has the ball in their court.
  • Wha? When did the MSP move in? I remember some other state department had moved in temporarily, but I had no idea the MSP was there.
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