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A forum to discuss and post updates on the Hollister Building rennovation project.

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  • My dad just informed me that the rennovation has been going on for some time. The third floor will be done before too long, then the state employees from the 5th floor will move to the third and work will likely begin on the lofts.

    Lmich, can you change the Hollister Building's status on Emporis to "under rennovation?"
  • Ok, it would be great if we could hear some official announcement, though, but the Boji's don't update anyone on their plans, either. In fact, I've found them to be quite rude in my email correspondences.
  • I haven't gotten them to respond to any of my emails. But honestly, i don't care if their rude, they do a good job and are investing a lot of money into the city.
  • Hood, do you think you could find out who the renovation architects and contractor(s) are for this project?
  • I don't know who either are, I've checked the few sources I have and came up with nothing. The Boji's seem to prefer to work with Christman on their projects so in ll likelyhood it will be them, especially given it's a historic restoration. I'm assuming we will see some signs up or something once the major restoration gets underway.


    Published December 19, 2006
    [ From ]
    Boji plans new look for downtown Lansing's Hollister Building

    By Jeremy W. Steele
    Lansing State Journal

    The holes in the exterior of downtown's Hollister Building are not a sign of the aging its demise.

    Rather, they're the beginning of an effort by Ron Boji to turn the face of the building at Washington Square and Allegan Street in downtown Lansing into a more trendy facade.

    Boji's Boji Group bought the 1893 structure a year ago. At the first crack of spring, crews will tear off the modern brick facade covering the first two floors of Hollister to replace it with a 1950s-style glass and limestone physique, the developer said.

    The work is part of a $6 million investment by Boji Group to turn the 100,000-square-foot building into a mix of residential, office and retail space.

    "The Hollister Building is going to complement the progress that has started and continues to go on downtown," Boji said. "You're going to blink your eyes and two years from now you'll see a totally different Washington Square."

    Boji plans to remodel the building's top two floors into 30 loft-style apartments.

    The building's second through fourth floors will remain office space, while the first floor will target retailers.

    Boji's also is pledging the high-profile corner space of the building for a combination bar and restaurant.

    Boji said the eatery could be a relocated and revamped Majority, an upscale restaurant he co-owns in his nearby Capitol View building. It also could be a new establishment.

    For more on this story, read Wednesday's Lansing State Journal.
  • Jared, make sure you always post links to articles taken from published sources. It's just a common courtesy thing. I've heard of newspapers finding these things out, and then getting really pissed, and it really makes sense.
  • I'm liking the proposed renovation:

  • I like it too, the real test will be how good they can get the existing brick and cornice to look and if they can even out the facade where it sags.
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    Has anyone noticed that they've already started on the exterior on the Washington frontage? They've put up what appears to be some cheap EIFS on the furthest north vertical column. I was kind of surprised to see that they weren't reconstruction the facade, simply covering it up, at least, that is the columns along the first two floor.
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