The Hollister Building



  • I don't believe they've ever given a solid timeline for this. This seems to be one of those kind of renovations they are doing as they obtain the money to do it, but other's more connected/familiar with the project may know. Hood?
  • Theres never been a solid timeline as far as I know. Also, they are moving along on the facade, using styrofoam.
  • I'm sorry, what was that? I think I missed it.

  • I tried to use my phone to comment, obviously it didn't work too well. Jared can you fix that?
  • It looks like a Jimmy Johns is going in the first floor of the Hollister. There is Jimmy John's art covering the windows right at the corner of the building. I was hoping for something more upscale, but I have to admit I love Jimmy Johns
  • Thats been there for awhile now, I'm just not much of a sub guy. I'm still really, really curious if the Boji's are going to replace the storefront windows though.
  • If they were, they probably wouldn't have put on the faux-stone panels along the groundfloor columns, first.
  • Like most renovation projects in downtown, cost is always a major concern. Considering the dollars spent the facade looks nice and the lofts on the fifth and sixth floors were designed by Todd Callaway who designed the motorwheel lofts so they should be pretty cool.
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