The Hollister Building



  • I noticed they hd scaffolding and plastic up around it the other day. I wonder why they bothered doing a patch if their going to rennovate in spring...
  • I'm pretty sure this is part of the renovation. Renovation doesn't always have to mean restoration. Seeing as how the columns are reconstructed, anyway, I guess they didn't want to save them. It would have been better to see a reconstruction of the bottom, though, instead of another "modernization".
  • The LSJ artcle said that limestone was to be used on the bottom two floors and all new glass. If the Boji's cheap out their project will fail, plain and simple. Others have made attempts at cheap remodels of the Hollister building and they failed, I don't see this case being any different. In a downtown setting high quality materials, design and workmanship are to be expected, even most of the facade rennovations are relatively high-quality.
  • You should go check it out. I've only driven by it, but from what I could tell, it looked like a cheap facade system, or maybe precast concrete.
  • I seen it today, it doesen't look that bad, once they put a top and bottom decoration it will probably look much nicer. I think what will mainly make or break it will be the awnings and the windows.
  • The Hollister is under full external renovation, at the moment. I was downtown, yesterday, and was surprised to see a crew working away at removing the "modernized" facade. It looks like a different building.
  • Has anybody gotten any pictures of the Hollister building lately? I went downtown last week, but I managed to miss seeing the building.
  • Just FYI, expect a low quality rennovation here. My dad has been in the building running fiber for the states offices. In talking with the contractors he found that they are not fixing the existing brick facade, not even the sagging parts. They are only replacing the part of the corinice that fell off, not repairing or replacing the rest. With that bit of information I think it's safe to assume that many other aspects of the rennovation will see corners cut and low quality work.
  • That's very disappointing (but not surprising). It seems like the Boji's are content with the very well done renovation of the Boji Tower, but everything outside of that gets a second-class treatment.
  • Work has started to paint and repair the cornice atop the Hollister Building. It's getting a white coat of paint this week.

    It'll be interesting to see how the lower-level facade turns out: if the developer chooses the faux limestone look that was experimented with at one corner or if it gets new stonework of some kind.
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