The Hollister Building



  • I don't know exactly, the MSP is just there because they had to get out of their old space and the new HQ won't be done until next year. The only reason I know is because my dad was in there wiring for MSP and he asked one of Boji's people about the progress on the lofts and they said MSP wouldn't allow the lofts due to some sort of security concerns.
  • I also seem to remember when the Boji's went to the council a few years ago for an OPRA (or some other tax abatement) they were denied the abatement for the residential, but granted it for the office and retail space, so that probably has something to do with it, too.
  • Anyone know if there are still apartments/lofts being built in the building?
  • I'll ask my question again....

    Anyone know how the apartments above Jimmy Johns is doing. I've heard they were suppose to be building some.
  • The plans are off temporarily. The state police are in the building until their new HQ is built, they don't want residential tenants in the building with them, as dumb as it is. Who knows if the Boji's will follow through on their plans after MSP moves out.
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