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  • I'm assuming it is, but do any of you know if the express purpose of this project is to attract the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams?
  • That might be one of the reasons why it is under construction right now, but my guess is that it has been planned for a while. If they get FRIB, then there will probably be even more construction.
  • If I remember correctly, this current expansion has nothing to do with the FRIB, but was simply scheduled work to expand the office and some utilities/storage places.
  • MSU has requested $20 million for expansion on the new Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute in West Fee Hall. I'm not sure if this will call for external expansion or just a remodeling.
  • News today: MSU will be getting FRIB! This is HUGE for MSU, mid-Michigan, and the whole state. Congratulations MSU. Overall, the project will cost $550 million.
    It also is expected to bring up to $1 billion in economic activity and 400 jobs to Michigan.
    See more information: MSU President Simon available to media to discuss FRIB announcement
  • Here is a graphic from the Lansing State Journal showing the FRIB expansion footprint:


  • This is absolutely phenomenal! It's a huge feather in Lansing's hat and for MSU. News like this would be exciting at any point, but with the current economic climate nation wide this is a really great piece of news to get. I also didn't expect the decision this soon so it was a nice surprise when I read it.
  • I'm so glad to this coming to MSU! Its says the the office expansion is supposed to start in 2009 if I'm reading it right and the accelorator will begin construction in 2012 with a 2017 completion. The only thing that sucks is that this was originally supposed to be a $5 billion accelerator as big or bigger than the new CERN facility.
  • I think they were talking about the current office expansion that is set to be completed in 2009. They were saying that final construction planning is starting and they should get shovels in the ground in 2013.
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    F%ck yeah! Sorry Chicagoland, but we need this far more than you do.

    Sorry, but this is huge not just for the area, but the entire state. This bad news was really starting to rack up, and this is simply awesome!
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