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  • I was a little worried about Obama possibly having some influence if this decision came later since it was a Department of Energy project, but I'm sure that was just paranoia on my part. Great news for the University, and Michigan as a whole.
  • From the Freep:

  • The Cyclotron expansion and the Wharton expansion are both going along very well. Glass is now being put up on the Wharton exterior, and all the steel is up at the Cyclotron. The walls are now being framed and insulated at the Cyclotron.

    I hope to get some pictures in the future, but I've lost my camera in the meantime so until then, you'll either have to go through MSU or take my word for it. It is pretty cool though to see all the work being done right next to each other.
  • I don't know if I'll get chance to get out by MSU anytime soon, so I'll have to wait for pictures. Doesn't MSU post construction photos somewhere?
  • I was surprised at how tall the office expansion is at the Cyclotron.
  • Here's a link to the MSU Construction Update site for the Cyclotron: Cyclotron Construction
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    Construction of the new 4.3 million dollar MSU baseball stadium is on track for opening April 3rd. It will feature 400 chair-backed seats and 2,100 bleacher seats. The number of chair-backed seats allows MSU now to be a host for NCAA regional games. The LSJ has more on the construction.
  • I took a couple pictures while on the bus the other day. Quality isn't great but it gives a good update on the status of the Cyclotron and Wharton construction:





  • Wharton is going to look great when the renovation is complete. When is it supposed to be completed by?
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    The MSU construction website says construction should be completed by October 2009. There are also pictures of the construction on their website.

    This picture from their website shows the progress a lot better than mine:
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