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    For some reason I still don't see it. What browser are you using?
  • It works fine in Firefox
  • I use IE7 and I have always had the problem.
  • Jared, which browser do you use?
  • Firefox
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    I want to point everybody to a FREE cool project released today by a local software company, TechSmith. Jing,, is a really cool tool to take screenshots or videos of your computer screen.

    This tool could be used to grab a picture of a site plan or other interesting image to share (or could be used to show me weird errors on the website...).

    Disclaimer: I am employed by TechSmith, and my opinions don't reflect the company's. But I still think this is a really AWESOME tool.
  • Speaking of TechSmith, when are we to see a rendering of the new headquarters? Sorry for the hijack. lol
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    I can't say anything specific. But it's good.
  • I was told there would be an announcement this month, but have heard nothing. Is this incorrect?
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