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    Jared, Lansing Gateway is pretty much onhold, indefinitely unless Townsend says otherwise. Much like Ball Park North, the only way Lansing Gateway is getting built is if Townsend's Ottawa at Butler does well, and even if he does, there is no promise that, by then, he won't choose to do another project somewhere else. In fact, Townsend and his Lenawee Company never got around to actually purchasing the land for Gateway. Not sure it should be on the frontpage.
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    Ok, it seems like another category could be "Contingent Projects" and have much less website visibility.
  • I've added a "Contingent Projects" category to the home page, updated the accident fund picture, and also fixed the RSS feed for the City Pulse.
  • Cool. Yeah, some proposals are more conceptual at the moment than likely to be built as currently proposed, and others are relatively set in stone, so it's good to make that seperation.
  • I'm currently updating the forum software. It should be up in 15-20 minutes. Please let me know if you have any problems.
  • The update is done now. Let me know if you run in to any issues.
  • I just thought I'd point out that the website is three years old as of a few days ago (looking at when Jared joined). It's hardly seemed that long to me.
  • Wow, that is pretty crazy. I think I lost track of time myself. There have been a lot of changes in regards to the real estate markets and many large developments that have been talked about, proposed, and/or constructed within these three years. I might put together a comprehensive list of all the developments seen in the past three years and what projects have made and not made it to realization.
  • That's a neat idea about the list thing.

    Going back further a few of us were posting on UrbanPlanet quite regularly. Does anyone else remember
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    I've removed the recent pictures of Lansing from the homepage of the site,, because a complaint came in about a video that was being linked to. Apparently the video is copyrighted material and the author wanted me to remove the link to the video.

    The thumbnails that are on the site are generated by an automatic search of Flickr for pictures and videos that are tagged 'Lansing construction'. There is no way to have the search only return images and videos that are licensed under Creative Commons.

    I'm not sure how copyright works with embedding a thumbnail, I am almost positive that it is entirely legal when it is just a link. In fact, Wikipedia says that using a thumbnail to link to a copyrighted image is not infringement.

    So for now I removed the Flickr section. What do you think I should do? (Keep in mind that I've never broke even on the website and it's not worth it to get sued)
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