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    I can't comment on anything that's not public, sorry.
  • As you may have noticed, I have added some Google ads to the side of the site. I hope that they are not overbearing and in no way do I intend for them to be. They are there to help offset the cost of bandwidth for the site. So if you are happy with Develop.MetroLansing, please support the site by visiting one of the advertisers sites.

    Also, I have added a "development map" to the links at the top of the page. On the development map, you can see where projects are located and get links to their respective forum discussion or project page. Let me know what you think of it.
  • I'm working on something that will let you know through develop if a city's website has new city council agendas and the like posted to them. I went to try it live earlier tonight and it didn't go as great as I planned for it, so it looks like I might push it back a couple days.

    If you notice anything broken with the website, let me know.

    There were a couple database changes that accidentally got made, and I'll fix them if you find any. I did notice already that the site was telling me that there were new posts for a couple discussions when there weren't, and I can say right now that the easiest way to fix that problem is to just view those discussions if you want them to say that you've read them.
  • That's a good idea, one other thing I had forgotten about, have you thought about adding a "Links" section to the site.
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    hood, I got a "links" section added to the side of the page now:
    I'm still planning on pushing what I was working on earlier, but I want to get some more testing of it first.
  • Jared, on the frontpage of this website, don't you think it's time to take down the outdated pictures under "Latest Photo Tour" and also the old photograph of a rendering for the Ottawa Street Station redevelopment? It'd be best just to leave it empty unless you have some ideas to spice up the front page.
  • Yeah, you're right LMich. I need to be keep that page more up to date. It's been a long time since that page was updated.
  • I would like to see some of the pictures of the Lansing area, as a backdrop to the main page. It's prolly difficult to do so as I assume this is part of a template, but I think that would be cool.

    Maybe guest bloggers as the site gets bigger. I think that interesting people to be guest bloggers would be reps from Prima Civitas, Lansing EDC, Chamber of Commerce, PSD, Old Town etc.
  • Those are some great ideas. I was also going to suggest that the front page have an interesting background or city pictures, but also figured that this was a rather rigid template that would prevent this.
  • When the front page is mentioned does it mean the front page of the forums?
    Or does it mean the front page of Develop?
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