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  • I was referring to the

    Another idea is (dont know if someone already thought of this) if you could get an email notification when someone replies to a discussion that you created, or if you could choose to get email updates on certain topics of interest.

    Just ideas that come to mind... dont want to over-load
  • I just added a new post to the blog with a call for submissions, so if there is anything that you have been dying to get out, take a look at the blog.

    With respect to the, that wouldn't be too hard to have background pictures on the front page. I'll have to look at file sizes and the like to make sure that it isn't too much for visitors on dial up.

    I have been looking in to notifications when threads are updated. Right now, I'm looking at an improved RSS feed, so your RSS reader will update you when new posts are made.
    How many people would like email updates? I think I remember seeing something that had been written that already does it.
  • I've added the ability to subscribe to the forum, category, or a discussion. When subscribed, you should get an email if there is a new post. You should only receive one email regardless of how many new posts.
  • I added in the ability to subscribe to the forum, a category, or a discussion a week ago, but I haven't seen anyone else but myself actually use this feature. Here's how you enable it:
    Just click on one of the links, whichever you choose, and you will be subscribed. I am really happy that I added this, as I am at my computer most of the day and I get an email the instant that a new comment is added. It is really nice since I am subscribed to the whole forum and I'm always kept up to date.
  • How about an update on the main page? Some of the planned projects have been started, and some of the current projects are done. Not a huge deal. Just something Ive noticed...
  • I updated the main page and hood is going to be helping me update the project pages.
  • I have gone through and updated a lot of the project pages with smaller image sizes and fixed some typos. I also renamed some of the projects to bring them up to date. Let me know if there are other things to add.

    I'll try and add a project page for FRIB soon.
  • Jared, a few things...

    On the front page where it says "Projects Planned for Development", "Michigan Museum Place" hasn't been Michigan Museum Place in many months, so it probably needs a name change. The image on and information on that page is totally out of date, too.

    Also, for the Accident Fund Headquarters page, the rendering is outdated, and Accident Fund actually has available renderings and info of the project on their website under "Media Center" I think it is.
  • Thanks LMich. I'll update them pretty soon. Let me know if you see anything else that needs to be fixed or new information added.
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