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    To be sure, school districts are completely independent of township and city/village government in Michigan with a few exceptions, so I'm not sure that would factor into anything. There are parts of the city outside the Lansing School District, and parts of townships (and parts of East Lansing) inside the Lansing School District (the LSD is 52 sq mi, the city only 39 sq mi). That wouldn't change. Almost all of the Groesbeck portion of the township we're talking about is already in the LSD, with a small section east of the freeway within the East Lansing School District.

    EDIT: I was discussing this with my sources, and hadn't even thought of this loophole: In the residential areas, the city council could, indeed, initiate the annexation process without a referendum so long as the sections of the township to be annexed have fewer than 100 residents. Then, it'd be the State Boundary Commission solely deciding the annexation as opposed to it having to go to a referendum.

    As for the commercial areas, those could be annexed like we annexed the commercial areas at the northwest corner of Jolly and Waverly: Add a household or two into the commercial properties to be annexed, and then get them to petition the city for annexation.

  • I wonder if the city could acquire just the streets of Michigan Ave. and Kalamazoo where they cross out of and into Lansing? They are some of the worst roads in the area through the township blocks.

  • I noticed some metal fences going up at 2105 E Grand River Ave this morning on my way to work, looks like they are adding a 9000 sq ft expansion to the current building at 920 N Fairview Ave. Looks like a current tenant, Neopollard, which makes lottery software (?), needs the additional space.

    I can't find any proposed designs, but I am hoping that they don't shove the parking all up along Grand River. They talk about needing at least 62 parking spaces, and are having to lease some from the church across the way since the site won't have enough by itself. The streetscape on this portion of the township line that abuts the east side neighborhoods between Foster and Fairview isn't nearly as ugly as the portion more towards Frandor, I hope that they maintain some of that when building the expansion. In a perfect world they would have the parking behind the building expansion, with that facing the road, but I'm not sure if that is how they are going to do it given the layout of the current building. Guess we'll have to wait and see where they start digging the foundation.

    If anyone has more experience with finding site plans for Lansing Township I'd appreciate it. Not sure if they are as good about this as Lansing and East Lansing are when it comes to making them available online.

    Only minutes I could find so far with information:

  • Darklink, the township doesn't have agenda packets are anything; everything they do is pretty sparse. So you don't really find out any details until it gets to media if it ever does. Their meetings meetings are also pretty sparse compared to the other municipalities in the region.

    I've been wondering what they've planned for this building as I've noticed equipment in the lot the past few months. 9,000 sq ft will be quite a substantial expansion for a relatively small building like that. This block/stretch (between Fairview and Foster and Grand River and Shoppers Alley) has been kept up well. Though the lack of a sidewalk on the Grand River has always boggled my mind given that this is a pretty heavily trodden path for pedestrians, at least for a suburban area. I see that Apple Market and the property to the west has added a sidewalk in between the bus stop in front of the market to just beyond their west driveway. It's weird, because this block would be the one block where a full sidewalk would make much sense, but the full sidewalks don't start until a block west and a block east where they are less needed. lol
  • It's weird, because this block would be the one block where a full sidewalk would make much sense, but the full sidewalks don't start until a block west and a block east where they are less needed. lol

    Just Lansing Township things.

  • I read a small article about the Waverly Golf Course project getting started in the LSJ, it said work would start soon and the developers were looking at this as a ten-year project and that they are very committed to this project. Let's hope so!
  • The building expansion for Neopollard is coming along pretty well at 2105 E Grand River Ave. The outside cinder block walls look mostly complete, no roofing or interior work whatsoever yet so far as I can tell. I took some pictures while walking by it this Sunday while enjoying the weather, will try and upload them later this week.

    Based on the layout it looks likely that the parking lot will jut right up to grand river, which is a shame. On the bright side there is finally a sidewalk on shoppers alley st, which is to the north of this building. I hate how Lansing Township does not have consistent sidewalks, it really is the dumbest thing considering how much foot traffic goes through this area as well as towards Frandor.

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    Looks like the Lansing Township Planning Commission has the Waverly Park Golf Course redevelopment on its agenda, today. Something about an "final development review" for road and infrastructure for Phase 1 of the development. Unfortunately, the township doesn't do packets and offers very little detail.
  • That is interesting to hear. A while ago I saw them harvesting hay, and I wondered if anything was going to ever happen there. It is reassuring to me that these major projects are still going forward, these developers have a lot of faith in the future of Greater Lansing.
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