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  • Next that area around Red Cedar needs some real MSU Development... class rooms, lab space, something of the sort that can help justify increasing the student housing. This silly debate on the golf courses needs to end, turn them into open park space, put trails and wetlands on them and leave it at that... you can even connect the red cedar course by way of a small bridge or something to MSU and have a mini-central park like feel, with all the students around it would be buzzing with activity almost year round.
  • I looked into it and DTN owns the following properties on S Clippert: 200, 204, 208, and 212. That should be roughly the size of the RiverWalk Apartments one property away. There looks to be a house sandwiched between the two developments.
  • the last time i drove by there i noticed there was still a house standing, however it looks to be a pretty nice home that might have recently had some $ put into it....
  • I think MSU should stick to consolidating and adding space on campus. It doesn't need to extend any further than it already is.
  • Yeah. It already takes too long to get from Brody Complex to the east side of campus. No need to extend it further out.
  • Unless they want to put a 30 story building in downtown Lansing!

    Seriously though, I'll add to the chorus that MSU should slow the sprawl for a while and focus on concentrating their campus as it is.
  • Traveling campus is a chore. If you live anywhere in the south or east residential complexes, and you're without a bus pass, you're screwed.
  • Here is a picture of the lot that is under construction now:

    And here is a picture of the next door RiverWalk apartments:
  • Unfortunately, Lansing Township doesn't really have township packets, but their early August agenda mentioned authorizing the Waverly Road Shared Use Pathway. I believe this is planned to link with Lansing's system at the Waverly Road bridge and then go up Waverly, then up Old Lansing and connect to Grand River Park.

    I'd actually advocated this years ago, to the point of where I'd contacted then-state Senator Gretchen Whitmer who fought for this. To this day, there are no sidewalks in this area of the township, and in fact not even curbs in some parts. I got kind of trapped one afternoon trying to navigate the area around Grand River Park. This area is super dangerous for pedestrians, and for years the township simply didn't want to spend their fair share of the money for the trail.

    Well, with the the parks millage being passed years ago and the Lansing River Trail regionalized, we got the money for this project back in February. So, finally, we're going to have a seamless connection between the city's Frances Park area on one side of the river with the city's Grand River Park on the other side of the river.

  • BTW, was geeking out the other day on looking up the annexation process in Michigan between municipalities, and found something pretty major. Annexation of territory in charter townships is governed by the Charter Township Act of 1947.

    Apparently, there is a way that Lansing could annex a portion of Lansing Township, which would not require a vote by the city or the residents of the land who'd be annexed:

    (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), the state boundary commission may, under procedures initiated and conducted under section 9 of the home rule city act, 1909 PA 279, MCL 117.9, order a portion or portions of a charter township to be annexed as necessary to eliminate free standing islands of the township completely surrounded by an annexing city, or to straighten or align the exterior boundaries of the city or village in a manner that the charter township and city or village contain uniform straight boundaries wherever possible.

    The part of the township that includes the western parts of Frandor and the township portion of the Groesbeck neighborhood are, in fact, completely surrounded by the City of Lansing creating an island. By a simple resolution of the city council, the city could peititon the state boundary commission, and the commission would be compelled to order the annexation to get rid of the "island" of Lansing Township within the city. A less extreme option or compromise could be to simply annex that portion that is the commercial portions west of Frandor and leave the Groesbeck neighborhood.

    In any case, it's amazing this hadn't been considered by council. I kind of doubt President Wood would go for this, as she seemed to think Bernero was too mean to Lansing Township, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to lobby her and see if she's interested in this. I also think you could make the case that the city could also annex Urbandale to the south to "straighten or align the exteriror boundaires of the city or village."

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