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This is a discussion for new users or current users to introduce themselves. We would always love to hear new voices on the forum, please sign up today and let us hear your comments.


  • Well I've been visiting Develop Metro Lansing for a while now. I graduated from MSU a year ago with a BS in Urban Planning. I love Lansing and East Lansing. I live in Grand Rapids now but I always visit Lansing at least once a month, more if possible. I've posted here once or twice but I never really have anything inspiring to say.
  • Eh, I comment here all the time, and I never have anything inspiring to say! :)
  • Me either, feel free to talk casually about your opinions and ideas, thats about all us frequent posters do.
  • I've been reading this for a few months now. Love to see the new developments in the Lansing area. :-) Lived in the Lansing area all my life.
  • I swear someone is using this website as a teaching tool or something. I just saw 57 guests currently viewing the site. Crazy!
  • I've been invited to speak at meetings about the website and different projects going on in the Lansing area, so mindbender's guess just may be true.
  • So who's the phantom user? And why don't you want us to know you're on? Hmm.... ;)
  • New to the forum, I found it through a link in urbanplanet.

    I'm 30 and I've lived in Lansing since the mid 80's with the exception of a brief stint in Delta Twp from 1998-2003.

    I love big cities, skylines especially and my dream is for Lansing to throw off its rustbelt mentality and become a metropolis with a skyline to match.
  • Welcome sabatoa, how long have you been reading the forum, or is this your first visit?
  • Thanks, today was my first visit but I liked what I saw and signed up.
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