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Here are some screen captures from the WILX broadcast about the development:





  • Why is WILX reporting that the city market is "going away" as a part of this new development? They seem to be blatantly ignoring the fact that Gillespie said it is going to be incorporated into the first floor of the building (hence the name Marketplace). Report that it's going to be smaller, or that the new format my push out a few vendors, but reporting that it might go away seems sloppy and inaccurate.
  • This development actually looks a little more extensive than I thought, especially whats on the riverfront. If they can pull this off it would be huge. The way their talking this thing is a sure deal if the tax abatements come through. What I'd really like to see is larger renderings of this.
  • Two new stories from todays LSJ, still limited details, and no renderings:

    Projects will have both sides of river 'exploding'

    Plans for City Market draw mixed feelings
  • Here are the renderings you all want to see:

  • Wow! I really hope this comes together.
  • This is very exciting. In that last picture that shows the development, just think if the Grand Ave condo project becomes reality. I love the high building looming over the outfield, very urban.
  • Thanks for the pictures jwswrites. I wonder how the ballpark north project will look with the dyslexic foundation's property and another one that Gillespie probably won't get a hold of.
  • I like how in the ballpark images all of the ads on the back stop are for Gillespie properties and other large developments. Very sneaky....
  • I think he will probably get all the property needed, I beleive he only needs that dyslexic foundation property. I just hope he intends to move, not destroy that old house. Other than that this is fantastic, I can't wait to see the view from inside Olds Park.
  • He said that the Ballpark North plan is not contigent upon aquiring that property, and he'd most definitely demolish it, it sounds, if he could. I'd much rather see him simply work around it considering how little space it takes up. It's one of the last grand houses remaining within the "island" of Larch and Cedar.


    I was also mad and completely baffled to hear WILX continually make it sound as if the Lansing City Market would totally disappear, when it has been reported by LJS and Gillespie time and time again that he will move the market into his new Market Place development. Why they are doing this, I don't know.

    What I will say is I'm a little worried about the Market Place plan nonetheless since it shows a considerable amount of the market open to the elements, which would completely kill the market. One of the very unique things about Lansing City Market is that it is one of the few in the country to remain open year-round. Taking most of it outside would kill that one unique aspect about it.
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